Khushaal Zindagi

Dial 727234

Health Insurance to protect yourself against healthcare costs

Khushaal Zindagi is a health insurance scheme that aims to provide financial protection against healthcare costs. Users can select from a pool of polices per their need.

Call 727234 and dial 2 for Agent
Yes, if these tests were taken during the time you were admitted in the hospital then you can claim
No, it’s necessary to be admitted in hospital for 24 hours
Charges are based on the policy you choose:  
Amount Monthly Amount Cover/Night Cover/Year
2 60 3,333 100,000
6 180 10,000 300,000
12 360 20,000 600,000
  • Khushaal Zindagi can be accessed from any mobile phone with Telenor connection by simply dialing 727234.
  • Khushaal Zindagi can also be subscribed from the Khushaal Watan smartphone application.

Terms & Conditions

  • Users will be informed about any price change

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