Rs. 950 + tax

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows on Netflix with Telenor 4G Postpaid. If you are a Telenor prepaid customer, you will need to convert to Postpaid so you can avail this service

Telenor Pakistan has partnered with the world-leading streaming service, Netflix, allowing users to pay for their Netflix subscription with their mobile balance through Direct Carrier Billing (DCB). Currently this service is available for Telenor Pakistan’s postpaid customers but will be extended to prepaid users in the near future

Payment Plans

  • Basic: Rs 950/month + tax
  • Standard: Rs 1200/month + tax
  • Premium: Rs 1500/month + tax

It is recommended that you increase your number’s credit limit as per your Netflix package in order to enjoy seamless Netflix & GSM services. Credit limit can be increased via scratch by dialing the string *456#

How to Subscribe

  1. Click Here to subscribe to Netflix if you are already Telenor Postpaid user
  2. If you are a prepaid user and want to convert to Telenor Postpaid, Click Here to convert now OR call 345 or visit your nearest Franchise
  3. If you want to get a new Telenor Postpaid SIM, please Click Here

How to Signup

Steps to Sign up on Netflix via Telenor Billing:

Step 1: Visit type

Step 2: Choose the price plan that best suits your needs

Step 3: Create your account

Step 4: Set up your payment method as “Add to Telenor postpaid bill”

Step 5: Enter your postpaid mobile number and receive the OTP

Step 6: Validate the OTP and enjoy Netflix

These subscription errors come in case of following issues:
  • You are trying to use an email/Telenor number which is already registered with a Netflix account. Netflix does not allow using same email ID and/or Telenor number for more than one account. It is possible that your old account may be in dormant state, please reach out to Netflix directly for this information
  • You don’t have sufficient credit limit available. Including the applicable taxes, for successful subscription & renewal you need to have available credit limit as per below:
Netflix Package Required Credit Limit
Basic Package 950 1,300
Standard Package 1200 1,650
Premium Package 1500 2,050
OTP is received on the number you have entered for billing.
Netflix does not currently offer free trials in Pakistan. Free trial offering in Pakistan is subject to Netflix policies. can be consulted directly for this information
Sign in to the Netflix website and visit “Membership & Billing” to update the payment method.
Any downloads or content streaming in the Netflix App or website will incur data charges. It will be charged at or deducted from relevant subscribed service plans, and charged at the applicable thereafter fee. Standard roaming data charges will apply while using a relevant subscribed service plan to access the service abroad.
No. Subscriptions will not be pro-rata for any month that they have already started. The Netflix subscription fee is charged on a monthly basis.
Visit account settings through Netflix platforms and cancel the membership in the “Account” page.
Yes, they will need to login to their original Netflix account and then change their mobile number on the “Account” page.
No. Netflix monthly subscription fees are charged per Netflix account and not based on the number of devices.
There is a likelihood that a phone number is not eligible for carrier billing. This can happen if a carrier does not support carrier billing yet, or the phone number is on a carrier plan which does not support carrier billing.
First, customers need to type <> in their browser, which links straight to the Netflix sign-up page. Once a plan is selected and the account is being created, Mobile payment needs to be selected as preferred payment method. After providing the phone number and going through a validation and verification process, the customer is signed up and can enjoy Netflix immediately.
Direct carrier billing (DCB) is an online payment method that allows users to make purchases by charging goods and services to their mobile phone bill. Users need a device with a registered SIM card and an account with the mobile operator where transactions can be charged to
If you are a Telenor postpaid customer, you can sign up on Netflix and choose your plan. You will then be prompted to set up your payment where you will have the option to be billed through your mobile carrier, Telenor.  You will be asked to enter your Telenor number on which you will receive an OTP (One Time Password). Once you enter the OTP, the Netflix subscription will be complete and you will be charged in the your Telenor postpaid bill for the subscription.
All Telenor postpaid customers can avail this service via direct carrier billing.

Terms and Conditions

  • Netflix charges are to paid upfront
  • This offer is recursive in nature
  • You can enhance your credit limit with a scratch by dialing the string *456#
  • Credit limit enhancement is advised to prevent your Postpaid connection from blocking
  • Your number should be in active state to successfully subscribe to the offer
  • This offer is only applicable for Telenor Postpaid customers

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