5 Famous Apps & Their Desi Counterparts

Tinder & Shaadi.com

If you’ve heard of Tinder but don’t use it, then full marks to you for being a good ole desi boy/girl. Try Shaadi.com, the ‘Halal’ Tinder. Or if you’re happy being single then make sure your desi parents never find out about it or you might just find out they’ve made a profile for you!


Google Maps & Chalo Navigator

Ok so we know that Google Maps is essential for anyone with a smartphone who likes to move about, but if you happen to be a Pakistani, with a smartphone, who likes to move about, then Chalo Navigator is THE app for you. Locates nearest ATMs, fuel stations, optimal routes to certain destinations, restaurant locators and their menus and so much more!


Sidereel & Toffee TV

Let’s be honest. Whilst we all love watching Game of Thrones and Homeland and these gora TV shows, there is no way they will ever be a replacement for our local Pakistani dramas. So whilst Sidereel is great for keeping track of Western TV shows, Toffee TV gives users news about the latest episodes of Pakistani dramas and TV shows. Yay!


Subway Surfers & Run Sheeda Run

So why would any self respecting Pakistani play Subway surfers when you have Run Sheeda Run? Also, there are no subways in Pakistan, so it’s totally non relatable right? So go ahead and enjoy surfing through the streets of Lahore with pride!


Spotify & Patari Music

So whenever a Pakistani visited Spotify’s homepage, they were told the service was currently not available in their country. #InstantHeartbreak
And then Patari Music entered the scene boasting an impressive collection of Pakistani music through the decades available for streaming. Take that Spotify!


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