Friends and Family

Activity Action Charges (incl. Tax) Action Charges (incl. tax)
Add Add <space> number to 7777 0 Dial *7777*1*1# 5.98
Modify Dial *7777*1*2# 5.98
Delete Delete <space> number to 7777 0 Dial *7777*1*3# 5.98
View Dial *7777*1*4# 0


OR Dial 555 and press 4 for the addition, deletion and management of FnF numbers.

For details of FnF Related offers, please click on the following link:

  • Free FnF Balance Offer
  • Prime Time Offer
  • 3 day 3 ka scene
  • Daily 3 ka scene

You can add a total of 15 Friends & Family numbers including Telenor, all network and PTCL numbers

Yes, FnF numbers can be Telenor, other networks or PTCL numbers

This option is available for all Djuice customers.