Getting Started

To add or change FnF numbers:

  • Dial *7777# , Charges i.eRs. 2+Tax
  • Call 555 , Charges i.eRs. 5+Tax
  •  International FnF number needs to be preceded by 00 and the country prefix. E.g. to enter a UK FnF you need to add 00 followed by 44 (UK country prefix) followed by the number.
  • Subscriber can administrate these numbers by calling 555 (Charges Rs. 5+Tax per attempt ) or sending.
  • SMS to 7777 ( Charges Rs. 2+Tax per SMS) .
  • F&F Administration Channel:
    • Send an SMS (“Add”, “delete”, “Modify”) to 7777
    • Dial *7777#
  • Where is the position at which you want to place the FnF number at (will be from 1 to 3) and is the mobile/PTCL number that you want as your FnF.
  • Friends & Family administration charges through SMS are Rs.2+Tax per SMS.
  • 3 Telenor Friends & Family numbers are available. 3 FNF can be of any network and No Timings restriction and Intl. UK(L), USA (L/M), Canada (L/M).
  • Friends & Family functionality on all Telenor subscribers has already been activated (there are no activation charges for this service).
  • Standard CED and taxes apply.

With 3G you can enjoy the following:

  • Video and music streaming on services like YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo.
  • High speed browsing.
  • Video calling.
  • Live streaming TV.
  • Fast downloads of large email attachments.
  • Video conference calls.
  • Social media browsing.

3G refers to the third generation of wireless technology. The 3G network enables you to make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed internet and enjoy live streaming for the best in line mobile internet experience.

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. It is a service whereby a customer can browse the internet via mobile phone. Moreover, customers can use their mobile phones as external modems, sync them to their laptops /computers and browse the internet via GPRS.

Telenor prepiad WAP portal is a customized internet portal which can be accessed by Telenor subscribers on their mobile phones.