Google Play Direct Carrier

To verify your Telenor Mobile Number please contact Telenor Helpline or visit any nearby Telenor franchise.

If you are facing any error while setting up DCB in your phone, try following four steps in sequence.  However if this doesn’t work, then you need to contact Google and report your issue.

Remove all the payment methods as below.

  • Tap Menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the top-left , and select ‘Account” in Google play.
  • Click on ‘Payment methods’
  • Now click on  ‘More payments settings’
  • Here, click on menu (top left) and go to ‘Payment Methods’
  • Now remove all the payments methods one by one.

Clear Memory

    • Go to settings in your phone
    • Go to Applications, and click on Application Manager
    • Scroll down to ‘Google App’ , click on it
    • Click ‘Storage’
    • Click Clear Cache, Clear data
    • Also Force Stop

Log out from your Google Account.

    • Go to settings in your phone
    • Go to ‘Accounts”
    • Click on ‘Google’
    • Click on ‘More’ on top right corner
    • Tap on Remove account

Finally Restart and sign in.

    • Restart your Phone
    • Open Google Play and login with your Google account

Here is what you need to do

Check the “Country” associated with your Google payment ID , it has to be Pakistan.

  • Go to
  • Click on “Settings” in menu
  • Check the “Country” , change it to Pakistan and “save”
  • Try after 12 hours and see if “Use Telenor Billing” is working now

Remove all the payment methods including debit/credit card

  • Click on “Payment methods” in menu
  • Remove all the payment methods currently there
  • Open Google Play, and check if “Use Telenor Billing” option is now present.

There are multiple ways to contact

  • By visiting
  • Through Chat in “Help & feedback” in Google Play app menu. The chat option appears at 6:00 PM
  • Through call by calling on their help line 001(855)836-3987

Once you’ve confirmed that the charge wasn’t made by you or anyone you know, you can report the charges to Google support team within 65 days of the transaction at