Prepaid - Djuice Packages

To migrate, simply dial *345*33# from your Telenor number. (Charges: Free for Telenor users; Rs10 for djuice users)

  • Conversion charges to djuice and djuice Din Raat are Rs.15 inclusive of tax.
  • Dialing 345661/345662: Rs.0.25 exclusive of tax.

This plan gives you freedom from high regular Internet tariffs. If you exceed your 3G bundle limit or your phone uses background data when you don’t have an Internet bundle, you will not be charged more than Rs.3 for the day.

You will get regular 3G speeds on usage of all 3G Internet bundles and Social Pack.

The default speed of the price plan is throttled at 50KBPS. To use internet at regular speed, please subscribe to your favorite add-ons.