Now Telenor subscribers can avail digital insurance products by paying through their mobile balance.

MicroEnsure offers this simple to understand and explain health plan addressing most compelling health needs of common Pakistanis. A wide range of health risks such as inpatient, intensive care and accidental outpatient are covered under this triple benefits plan offering generous limits offered to save clients from having alternative sources of health financing.


How to subscribe in the products?

The products can be availed against daily, monthly or annual subscription payment plans through a hassle free process. Once you have registered yourself in a product, you do not have to worry about the subscription fee payment, as it will be deducted automatically from your mobile balance every day, month or year, depending on your choice of subscription plan.


How can I avail the product?
The process is very simple. You will get a call from our representative who will tell you about the product features and will assist in registration process. Once your registration is activated, you will receive a confirmation SMS and the charging will start on your registered Telenor mobile number.

Payment Plans, Coverages and Benefits

To suit the needs of our valued clients, the product is offered in multiple packages:


Cover type How paid? Maximum Benefit
Nano Basic Deluxe Premier
Inpatient hospitalisation due to any cause Daily 500 1,000 2,000 5,000
Intensive care confinement due to any cause Daily 1,000 2,000 4,000 10,000
Accidental medical expense reimbursement including accidental outpatient Lump sum subject to annual limit 12,500 25,000 50,000 125,000
Subscription fee Daily 1.98+tax 3.92+tax 7.84+tax 19.61+tax
Subscription fee Monthly 59.40+tax 117.60+tax 235.20+tax 588.30+tax
Subscription fee Annual 712.80+tax 1411.20+tax 2822.40+tax 7059.60+tax


  • All subscriptions are automatically renewed unless cancelled by the subscriber.
  • Based on the amount collected in the current month, cover will be calculated and issued at the start of the next month.
  • Maximum Benefit will be available in the event of payment of full due subscription fee. In case you do not pay full subscription fee, your cover will be calculated on a pro rata basis using the following formula:
[Sum of subscription fee collected during one calendar month ÷ Full subscription fee due] × Maximum Benefit
  • In order to enjoy maximum benefit under your plan, it is important that the due subscription fee is paid in full. However, in a situation where we are not able to collect full subscription fee, the benefit will be offered on a pro rata basis as stated above.
  • Under daily subscription plans, we will make daily attempts to collect the pre-defined daily subscription value from your mobile balance and in the event sufficient balance is not available then a lower sum equal to 80% of the pre-defined daily subscription value will be collected. In case we are unable to collect daily subscription for minimum five (5) days during a calendar month, no cover will be offered and the subscription so collected will be carried forward to the following month.
  • Under monthly and annual subscription plans, if your mobile balance is not enough to pay full subscription amount at the time of charging, we will make attempts to charge a lower sum equal to 80% or 50% (whichever is available) of the pre-defined monthly or annual subscription amount and further attempt to collect the remaining balance before the end of the month.
  We can understand this with the help of an example: Suppose you have enrolled yourself in Premier daily package in January where daily subscription fee is PKR 19.61+tax. In order to avail maximum benefits, you have to pay PKR 588.3+tax during January. Now assume that you could pay only PKR 300+tax during the month, your coverage available during February will be as per the following table:  
Cover type How paid? Pro-rated Benefit (PKR)
Inpatient hospitalisation due to any cause Daily 2,549.71
Intensive care confinement due to any cause Daily 5,099.43
Accidental medical expense reimbursement Lump sum (subject to annual limit) 63,742.98
Subscribers of Telenor who are Pakistani nationals and within age limits of eighteen (18) years and under seventy (70) years can avail Sehatmand upon payment of applicable subscription fee. The registration under Sehatmand will expire when a subscriber reaches the age of seventy (70) years. In case of availability of only year of birth information, January 1 shall be considered the month and date of birth respectively.
  1. Cessation of the product due to any reason whatsoever
  2. Upon payment of any claim
  3. Insured subscriber ceases to be a Telenor subscriber
  4. Your decision not to continue with the product and communication of that to us using the customer service touch points
  5. Continuous non-payment of subscription fee
  6. Filing of fake claim
The claim will not be paid in the event of the following:
  1. Suicide, self-destruction or self-inflicted injury, while sane or insane, or any attempt there at; under the influence of contraband drugs/drinks; or
  2. Natural catastrophes, War, declared or undeclared, or any act of war or insurrection, or as a result of a strike, riot, civil commotion; or
  3. The commission or attempted commission of an act which would subject the person to civil or criminal penalties, or the contravention of any law; or
  4. Filing of a fake claim
  5. In the event of non-payment of subscription and non-availability of cover in the month when the loss has occurred
All valid claims will be paid within five (5) working days upon completion of all required documents. Claim will be paid by issuing a crossed cheque drawn in favour of the claimant, mobile money or any other medium as agreed between parties from time to time.
The claim will be payable to the insured subscriber. However, if state of health of the insured subscriber is such that he or she cannot give a valid discharge of claim settlement to the insurance company, additional documents such as heir-ship certificate may be asked for.
Following documents must be provided within ninety (90) days of the date of occurrence of insured loss through the process explained below:  
  1. Insured subscriber’s CNIC
  2. Claimant statement signed by the claimant
  3. Medical record confirming the disability
  4. Attending physician’s statement
  5. Police FIR and medico-legal report
All documents can be submitted in scanned form. However, the insurance company reserves the right to ask for original document as and when required.
In case of an insured loss, subscriber or in case of their death, a family members, can notify through any of these methods: 1. Call MicroEnsure helpline 0518466566 2. Send an email at Please note that the claim notification must be submitted within ninety (90) days of occurrence of the insured loss and failure to do so can affect claim approval.
Benefit amount will be calculated on the basis of subscription fee collected from you in a calendar month and your cover will start from first day of the following calendar month and finish at the end of the month in case of daily and monthly subscription plans. In case of annual subscription plans, the cover will start as stated herein and will end upon completion of twelve (12) months thereon.
The process is very simple. You will get a call from our representative who will tell you about the product features and will assist in registration process. Once your registration is activated, you will receive a confirmation SMS and the charging will start on your registered Telenor mobile number.

Terms and Conditions

  • All subscription and any benefits payable under the products will be in Pakistani rupees.
  • By enrollment in products, a subscriber authorizes Telenor to share his/her details available with Telenor to the parties providing these products.
  • Telenor is only facilitating the offer and should not be construed as distributing these products and is not responsible for any benefits promised therein.
  • Telenor subscribers, males and females Pakistani nationals, can avail these products upon payment of prescribed subscription fee.
  • The insurance benefit offered under the products will be governed by the terms and conditions contained in the group policy or policies issued by registered insurance companies in Pakistan. The insurance cover provided in the products is underwritten by Asia Insurance Company Limited who will be responsible for payment of valid claims under the insurance benefit.
  • The products are developed by MicroEnsure Pakistan (Private) Limited who is also providing distribution and administrative services under this arrangement.
  • The subscription fee must be paid in advance for a subscriber to be eligible for the products.
  • The terms of the products including subscription fee can be amended or the products can be withdrawn by the supplier parties at any time and in such an event subscribers shall be informed through an SMS or any other manner as agreed between them.
  • Telenor number user shares for subscription may be shared with our external partners for the explicit purpose of solving customer issues and product improvement
  • SMS notifications for subscribed services and service renewal may be sent anytime during 24 hours
  • SMS notification for services subscribed & unsubscribed after 9pm, will be sent accordingly
  • Upon subscription, user agrees to recurring service charges deducted from mobile balance and auto-renewal until they unsubscribe
  • Telenor subscribers, males and females Pakistani nationals, can avail these products upon payment of prescribed subscription fee.

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