If you are a Pakistani living overseas and would like to verify your Telenor Pakistan SIM, please follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Visit PTA’s website http://www.pta.gov.pk and obtain the count of SIMS against your NICOP.
  2. To verify numbers in use against your NICOP/CNIC, download the Overseas Pakistanis System Information Form.
  3. Fill the form and email a scanned copy of the completed form at telenor345@telenor.com.pk  along with a scanned copy of both sides of your NICOP/CNIC, valid visa and passport.
  4. In case of successful verification, the numbers mentioned in the completed form will be temporarily verified till 31st March 2016 and extra SIM(s) registered against your NICOP/CNIC shall be removed within 24 hours of the receipt of your request. You are requested to visit any Telenor office upon your return to Pakistan to get your number permanently verified via BVS Re-verification to avoid blocking after 31st March 2016