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Interested in being a part of the Telenor Family? Let the following be your guide:

1. Create a Profile: Fill in all your details so we can find you.

2. Research: What area interests you? Find out more by looking at our roles and responsibilities

3. Apply Online: Search for current openings and apply

4. Interviews: Either phone, face-to-face, or Skype based

5. Screening: Pre-employment verification of job history and criminal record.

6. Offer: Our highly trained recruiters will send you an offer if you fit the position.

7. Onboarding: You are now part of the Telenor Family

Create a Profile:

1. Create a username and password

2. Add your work and academic experience

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Employee Talent Referral

Finding a candidate who is well-equipped to fulfill the responsibilities of a particular role, whilst also possessing the personality to adjust easily within the company culture, is not an easy task.  The ultimate goal of the HR department at Telenor Pakistan is to find the most suitable individual for the role; besides having the necessary credentials, this should be someone who will add value to the organization and has the potential to take it a notch higher in this competitive marketplace. Hence, there is no single channel that we rely on to acquire human resources because it is imperative for us that the candidate we select is the absolute best.

One medium of talent sourcing is employee referral. This has proven to be a powerful recruiting tool as employees working within an organization are well aware of working dynamics, organizational culture and most importantly, the requirements of a certain role. However, even though employees are allowed to refer candidates for a vacant position within the company, the final decision of whether or not they are ultimately hired rests solely with HR and the corresponding department.

The formalization of this channel in many companies like the Employee Referral Program at Telenor Pakistan has been initiated only due to the success of employee referrals in terms of better quality candidates, who are well-suited to the job. However, while internal references have their importance, external references, from professors or former employers for instance, can also play a significant role in profiling a candidate during the selection process.

Moreover, it is important to note that we utilize a number of mediums to reach out to potential candidates, such as LinkedIn, headhunters, talent pools and graduate profiles. The biggest source of our applicants remains to be the external portal (career website). Therefore, though employee referrals remain significant, they do not undermine the importance of other channels of procuring human resources.

A small tip to get the odds in your favor is to only apply for the roles that are relevant to your area and are in line with your aspirations. Customizing your application according to the job role can also put you closer to the top of the list.

Good Luck!