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Telenor iIlaqai Ganay is a Music based service offering Regional Music content in 7 different regional languages!

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    • 7 Regional Languages

    • Content: Smarttunes, Full Tracks, Ringtones


  • Available for Prepaid/Postpaid Subscribers



Product Price
Rs. 5.98
Telenor  Ilaqai Ganay is a Music based service offering Regional Music content in 7 different regional languages! You can dial 6727, select a language of your preference and browse through songs of your favorite Regional Artists and Movies. While listening to any song you can also set it as your SmartTune, Ringtone and Wallpaper.


Available languages:

  • Seraiki.
  • Punjabi.
  • Sindhi.
  • Pushto.
  • Hindko/Pothwari.
  • Balochi/Barahvi.
  • Urdu.


Subscription Type
Rs 5.98

What are the Terms and Conditions of using this service?

Acceptance of Terms of Use

  • All Subscribers hereby warrant that they have read these Terms and Conditions carefully and fully understand the same.
  • By doing any of the following the user can subscribe to the Service.
    • Sending SUB to the short code 6727 (the “Short Code”).
    • Dialing 6727 and selecting the subscription option.
    • Sending *345*6727# for Subscription.


Subscription will also signal their complete acceptance and full understanding of these Terms and Conditions and agree:

  • To receive SMS and IVR communication from Telenor Pakistan on their mobile phones relating to the service (according to availability of technical capacity, stability and generally accepted resting hours of the day).
  • To receive SMS and IVR communication/advertising offers from Telenor Pakistan or from other companies that cooperate with Telenor Pakistan.


  • Activation via IVR or SMS to Short Code 6727, costs PKR 5 (excluding TAX). Activation via USSD *345*6727# is also charged at PKR 5 (excluding TAX).
  • Telenor Pakistan will not be liable for the live speech content delivered by the celebrities to subscribers or subscribers to celebrities.
  • Celebrities live speech content strictly represent the celebrities’ opinions are and in no way represent Telenor Pakistan’s opinions.
  • The Subscriber hereby expressly agrees that Telenor Pakistan reserves the right to cancel, amend and/or extend the offer Service and these Terms and Conditions at any time, at its sole discretion. Any changes in this regard shall be posted online at
  • In the event of dispute the Terms and Conditions and any other matter relating to the Service, the decision of Telenor Pakistan shall be final and no correspondence or discussion shall be entered into.
  • These terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect for the duration of the Service.


Eligibility and use of Service:

  • All Telenor Pakistan subscribers are eligible to subscribe to the Regional IVR service.
  • Subscribers of the service shall refrain from discussing anycontent that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, libellous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable.
  • Telenor Pakistan reserves the right to prohibit any Subscriber from using the Service if it has reasonable grounds to believe the participant has breached this Term.


Availability and accessibility of information and Opt-out mechanism:

  • All information for the participants with regard to the Service shall be published at link as well as be available by calling the Subscriber Care number @ 345 via mobile (from a Telenor mobile phone number).
  • The subscriber may unsubscribe from the service by sending an SMS with keyword “UNSUB” to Short Code 6727, or select this option from the 6727 IVR.
  • If the Service is terminated, Telenor Pakistan will publish any and all updates in the official resources of the Service (link).


What is the Tax applied on SMS and IVR (Call) Across different Regions? 

  • Islamabad (ICT): 18.5% Tax will be applied on SMS & IVR.
  • AJK: 18.5 % Tax will be applied on SMS & IVR.
  • FATA/PATA/Gilgit Baltistan: No tax will be applied on SMS & IVR.
  • Punjab: 19.5% tax will be applied on SMS & IVR.
  • Sindh: 19% tax will be applied on SMS & IVR.
  • Baluchistan: 19.5% tax will be applied on SMS & IVR.
  • KPK: 19.5% Tax will be applied on SMS & IVR


When is regional Tax applicable and where is national Tax applicable?

Subscription to the service is subjected to National Tax.


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