LinkedIn Learning License

Professionals and graduating students now get free access to Telenor learning programs and LinkedIn Learning content in Pakistan


COVID 19 has truly impacted the entire country in ways that are unprecedented. Besides dealing with the disease itself, social isolation has been an overwhelming task. But another challenge we now are facing is a higher unemployment rate with a high number of people trying to navigate through a new and more challenging job market. This is applicable for all professionals, as well as students who were nearing graduation soon.

Telenor Pakistan is extending support by offering online learning programs for professionals and students to ensure that they continue to up-skill themselves despite the situation.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Are you a professional currently unemployed or are in fear of being unemployed due to COVID 19?
  • Are you a student in last year of a professional degree wanting to up-skill yourself to remain relevant in the highly competitive job market?


To ensure that you continue to strengthen your skills and increase your chances of employment, a selection of our comprehensive range of internal online education programs will now be made available to you all. These programs are learning paths in LinkedIn learning that contain courses focusing on important digital competency areas. Each learning path is carefully curated by subject matter experts from Telenor. Some of the coveted learning paths are:

  • Data & Analytics
  • Agile Way of Work
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cloud & Virtualization
  • Automation & Process


This pandemic has put a halt to a lot of students getting knowledge and education from traditional universities, colleges and technical institutes. For some, this is extremely distressing, since they are nearing graduation and would soon be entering their professional careers. With the pandemic putting pressure on employment, the best way to ensure that students remain relevant is to explore new modes of learning. Telenor Pakistan, realizing the importance of students and our future generation to Pakistan, is extending LinkedIn Licenses for students who wish to learn through the 15000+ courses LinkedIn learning has to offer.

For students who have less or no professional experience, hearing and learning from the experts would help improve their skills and give them an edge while applying for jobs. Be it soft skills like communication to functional skills like cloud, LinkedIn learning has it all.


Step 1: First, you will need to apply by filling out this form

Step 2: First 1000 qualified applicants will get access for two months

Step 3: You must activate your license within one week after you get an invitation from us

Step 4: You will be expected to complete at least one program (≈30-40 hours of online learning) during these two months, by spending at least 5 hours on learning each week