Rs. 1,500.00+ Tax

Enjoy seamless Internet Experience on your Large Screen Phablets, Tablets and Devices using your Postpaid Data Sim

    Free 2G/3G:
Free SMS: Rs. 0.5/SMS
Spill Over Rate Rs.15/100MB
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Introducing a new Postpaid Data Sim for those subscribers who are Tech Savvy and want seamless Internet Experience on their Devices.



Bundle Name

Security Deposit


Free Internet (MBs)


Rs 2000/-

Rs 1500/-

30,000 MB Free data



Terms and Conditions:

  • This Data bundle is only available on USB Data Price Plan
  • 12.5% withholding tax applies (effective from 1st July 17).
  • All Data Bundles are recurrent on a monthly basis.
  • Bundle Spillover rate is Rs.15/100MB.
  • Only one data bundle can be subscribed at a given point in time.
  • Bundle can only be subscribed to if required security deposit against bundle is met .
  • Voice calls are not available in USB Data Price Plan.
  • **Subject to Government regulation tax rates may vary regionally**.

Can these bundles be subscribed on any other price plan?

No, These bundles can only be subscribed on the USB Data price Plan. 

Will data services be barred after exhaustion or complete consumption of the bundles?

No, services will not be barred on exhaustion or complete consumption. Customer will be charged as per Spill over rate mentioned above.

Can the customer use SMS on this price plan?

Yes, SMS services will be activated on this price plan. SMS Charges of  Rs 0.5/SMS apply.

Is it possible to have the price plan to be without any bundle at any time?

No, if no other bundle is active, introductory bundle will be activated by default.  On activation of any new bundle out of Economy, Heavy and Unlimited, the introductory bundle will be deactivated. 

Can these bundles be used on any data price plans?

No, these bundles cannot be subscribed on any other price plan. 

Are there any charges of the price plan?

No, No line rent is charged on the price plan. 

Does this price plan offer any free resources like Free data, Free SMS or Free Voice minutes?

No, Price plan alone does not have any free resources 

Can other internet bundles be used on this price plan?

No, other internet bundles cannot be used on USB data price plan. ONLY these FOUR bundles can be used on this price plan. 

Can customer migrate to any other price plan?

No, USB DATA Price plan cannot be changed to any other price plan. Customer can terminate and can purchase another number on other price plan.

How can a customer top up his account (i.e. enhance deposit amount)?

Customer can enhance his deposit amount be following below methods;

  • Telenor S&SC
  • Telenor Franchise
  • Easy Shop
  • USSD String *345*456#

From which channels bundle can be activated?

Bundles can be activated from any of the following channels:

  • Telenor S&SC
  •  Telenor Franchise
  •  Easy Shop
  •  By calling 345 

Can customer change/upgrade his large screen bundle?

No. Manual Bundle Upgrade is not allowed.

Are there any requirements prior to upgrading the bundle?

Bundle cannot be upgraded unless; the required security deposit is present against the SIM.


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