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Rs. 7,999.00

Automate is a plug and play car tracking, driving behavior analytics and engine monitoring Solution that lets you interact with your car from the convenience of your smartphone wherever you are.

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Automate device plugs into the car’s OBD port; it contains a SIM that connects the car to user’s smartphone.




Key Features:

  1. Plug & Play Device: Easy to install in the OBD Port
  2. Real-time Location Tracking: 24/7 location tracking  
  3. Driving Behavior Alerts & Diagnostics: Over speeding, Harsh acceleration/deceleration, Sharp turns, Long Idle start, Engine Fault Codes.
  4. Trip Records: Location + Driving Behavior Records for past 1 year
  5. Geo-fence AlertsWhen the vehicle crosses a defined virtual boundary 
  6. Mobile & Web ApplicationFree & Easy to download application for iOS and Android


For further information, please call the Helpline on 345 (for Telenor Customers) or UAN Number 111-345-100 (for other Mobile Network Customers). 


Terms & Conditions Apply*

Telenor Automate User Manual: 

Click Here to download Telenor Automate User Manual.




Device Price 7,999* (inclusive of Tax) 

Monthly Subscription

300 (inclusive of Tax)

1 Month

3,000 (inclusive of Tax)

12 Month



  • No charges applicable for device delivery.

  • Cash on delivery.

  • To activate the device, BVS will be performed at doorstep after which customer will have to visit the nearest retailer for Rs300 recharge.



How can I check if the device is online?

There are three colored LEDs (Green, Red & Orange) on the device. If the device LEDs (Orange & Red) blink slowly with an interval of 1-2, it is an indication that the device is online.

Can I monitor more than one vehicle?

The user can monitor one vehicle through one device on application with a single login. However, if the user wants to monitor more than one device he/she can request for an online portal by emailing at

Do I need to charge the device?

No, the device is powered by vehicle battery when it is switched on.

Do I need to alter the current wiring of the vehicle to install the device?

No, the device is Plug & Play with easy installation. Most Efi vehicles have an OBD II port beneath the driver’s dashboard. User can simply plug in the device in the OBD II port to get it working.

What is Geo-fence and how does it work?

Geo-fence allows defining a virtual boundary for the vehicle so that each time the vehicle goes beyond the defined boundary; an alarm is generated on the web portal.

Do I have an application or a Web-Portal for Telenor Automate?

Yes, user has both application and web-portal for Telenor Automate

How many Telenor Automate devices can I purchase?

As per the PTA requirement, a user can purchase up to 5 Regular SIMs & 3 Data SIMs. Since Automate is a (Data) SIM enabled device, customers can purchase as many devices remaining on their personal profile. 

I am unable to bind the device with the application using the QR Code?

Align the QR scanner in the application until the notification for binding the device appears.

Is there any special installation required for the device?

No, Automate is a simple, plug & play device and does not require any installation. 

Does Telenor Automate provide accurate fuel related details for my vehicle?

Some of vehicles may not be fully complaint to OBD-2.0 specification resulting in inaccurate fuel mileage. Hence Fuel mileage is estimated. 

Does the device have any control over the vehicle?

Automate (OBD) does not have any power/control to manipulate the vehicle usage. Automate device is limited to extracting the data from the vehicle’s ECU and transmitting it onto the servers.


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