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Telenor brings the world of Apps from top developers to your mobile phone. Get access to Telenor’s first Android App Store to download thousands of games and apps. Purchase Apps, Games and Extra Moves through your Mobile Balance!
Whether you are buying a paid app or making an in-app purchase, all you need now is your mobile balance. No more credit cards! 


Telenor Apps is exclusive to all Telenor prepaid and postpaid customers.


Visit the Telenor AppStore :

Click Telenor App

Click to Download Android Application OR dial *345*818# and follow the instructions.



The games are absolutely FREE to download. Unlike Google Play, mobile data spending for downloading apps from Telenor Apps-store is free of charge.


Subscription Type
As per App



Will Telenor Apps work on my handset?

Telenor App Store is available on Android phones only.

I have downloaded an App. on my desktop, how do I transfer it on my mobile?

Please transfer the app. to your mobile using the regular sync process.

How to download Apps. from Telenor App. store?

  • Web Portal ( Telenor App Store web portal is accessible from your PC, laptop or tablet at Once you find an app that you want to download, simply click "DOWNLOAD", enter your phone number and your phone will receive an SMS message with the download link to the app.
  • Mobile Web Portal: Telenor App Store web portal is also accessible from your mobile device through Once you find an app that you want to download, simply click "DOWNLOAD" and the app will be downloaded directly to your phone.
  • Telenor App Store App: The easiest way to browse apps available on Telenor App Store is through the Telenor App Store application. In order to download this application, please visit and follow 

My phone says installing 3rd party Apps is not allowed on your phone. What should I do?

In order to enable Telenor App Store app and other 3rd party apps to be downloaded onto your phone, do the following:

  • Go to your phone SETTINGS menu
  • Scroll down to UNKNOWN SOURCES
  • o    Make a check in the box that says UKNOWN SOURCES

My Antivirus program says I should not install Telenor App Store or an App downloaded from the store. What should I do?

Anti-virus apps usually present this notification when you attempt to install an app not downloaded from Google Play. Telenor Pakistan only allow apps to be published on Telenor App Store which are safe for users to download and do not contain any viruses or malware. Therefore, you can ignore this message.

How to make in-App purchases?

Making in-app payments with Telenor is very easy. You do not need to enter any information about yourself - once you have decided to make a purchase, simply click the "ACCEPT & BUY" button. Telenor will automatically process the payment (deduced from your pre-paid SIM card account or charged at the end of the month to your phone bill) and you will receive your purchase. Here is how the payment looks inside the app:


What is the process of making an in-app purchase using WIFI?

  • Enter your phone number
  • PIN will be sent to your number (app will auto read the pin) for verification
  • Payments will be processed then

I have problems with my payment, what should I do?

If you need more information about charges on your phone bill related to Telenor App Store, cannot make payments or have not received purchased items, please contact us at Be sure to include your phone number, app name where you made the purchase & any SMS messages that were sent to you about the payment.

I have problems using the Telenor Appstore, what should I do?

If the Telenor App Store is not working correctly (the app is crashing, you cannot download applications or you notice any other errors), please contact us at


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