My Status

Broadcast your status updates to friends, family and customized groups.

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    • Send 'broadcasts' to all callers
    • Define customized status updates for groups and individuals
  • Set duration
  • Blacklist
  • Available for prepaid/postpaid


Product Price
Rs. 3.00/week



Now you can broadcast your status updates to all your friends and family, as well as create groups to send customized status updates.



Subscription Type
Rs. 3.00 + Tax
  • *345*6007#
  • Send 'SUB' to 6009
  • Dial IVR 6009



Disclaimer: By subscribing to this service you agree to the terms and conditions of the service. My Status subscribers are advised to refrain from setting any status that is obscene, threatening or otherwise objectionable and offensive. Failure in complying will result in blocking of your status and removal from the service permanently. Telenor is not liable for any loss or damage as a result of the use of status set by the end user. 

What sort of features can I use on the My Status service?

You can set a General Status which will be sent to the calling party for every call received; setting an Individual Status will only send your status to the number for which it was set. One can also create a Group and then set a group specific status. Status can be set as a free text or can be selected from a list of given Templates. For browsing the rest of the features, send in MENU to 6009 or dial *345*6009#.

How can I know if the message sent is from the My Status service?

All My Status messages will be sent as a flash message, with the number displayed.

Can I access a particular My Status feature directly?

Yes, you can do so by sending in the appropriate keyword/command.

For example:
GEN – General Status
GRP – Group Status
IND – Individual Status
MENU – Main Menu
HELP – For keywords/commands.


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