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Watch Live TV channels, recorded dramas, talk shows, movies, cartoons and more on your mobile device with Pocket TV.

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  • Live TV Channel Streaming

  • On Demand Videos

  • Daily 50 MB Free internet

  • Wi-Fi Access


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Rs. 10.00+Tax


With 20+ of your favorite channels and thousands of videos, Pocket TV brings News, Dramas, Sports and Entertainment to your pocket with just a tap of your finger. We’re giving free 50 MBs to all Telenor customers to watch free videos on Pocket TV so log on to Pocket TV now.





How to access Pocket TV:

You can access Pocket TV by visiting www.pockettv.pk from your smart phone, tablets, java phones or Laptop/Desktop computer.

You can also install Pocket TV Android App (Click Here to Download)

Pocket TV requires your mobile device to have video streaming feature.

If your mobile device supports video streaming but you can’t find it in the above list, please write to us at feedback@pockettv.com.pk


Do I need to subscribe to Pocket TV to watch TV?

Pocket TV has a free content section that does not require a subscription. Free section can be accessed from Wi-Fi or any other network. 


What are the charges?

For customers who have subscribed to any of Telenor Pakistan’s internet bundles, Pocket TV can be used totally free of cost. You internet bundle will be used to stream Pocket TV.

If you don’t have an internet bundle, You can use Pay as you Watch @ RS 0.20/MB subsidized rate or use below method to subscribe:

  • Subscription Type: Daily
  • Price: Rs. 10
  • Subscribe: *345*5601#
  • Free internet with subscription: 100 MB


Pocket TV Content Partners:

  • HUM TV
  • HUM Masala
  • HUM Sitaray
  • AVT Khyber
  • Express News
  • Aaj News
  • Aaj Entertainment
  • Apna Channel
  • Geo Network
  • Play TV
  • TV One
  • News One
  • Express Entertainment
  • Pashto 1
  • K2
  • Khyber News

Pocket TV Features:

  • Live TV Channel Streaming
  • On Demand Videos
  • Daily 50 MB Free internet
  • Wi-Fi Access

What is Telenor Pocket TV?

Pocket TV is a service that lets you watch Live TV channels, recorded dramas, talk shows, movies, documentaries, cartoons and more on your mobile device.

Is Telenor Pocket TV available in my city?

Pocket TV is available in all cities of Pakistan with any internet connection. 

Will Pocket TV work for non-Telenor and Wi-Fi customers?

Pocket TV can be accessed from any internet connection including non-Telenor internet and Wi-Fi connections.

Do I need to install Pocket TV?

Pocket TV does not require any installation. You can access Pocket TV be simply accessing www.pockettv.pk

How do I subscribe?

You can subscribe to Telenor Pocket TV by dialing the string *345*5601# or you can go to www.pockettv.pk and make an online subscription

How can I unsubscribe?

Pocket TV subscription will end at 12 AM midnight. You will not need to unsubscribe from Pocket TV.

Will Pocket TV subscription renew automatically?

Pocket TV subscription will not be renewed automatically. You can always presubscribe after your subscription ends by dialing *345*5601#

Can I watch Pocket TV for free?

Yes, Pocket TV has a free section that can be accessed by anyone with a mobile device and any internet connection. Premium section is free of charge for all Telenor Pakistan data bundle subscribers.

I have a Telenor internet bundle activated, should I subscribe?

All customers with a subscription to any Telenor Pakistan data bundle will be able to access Pocket TV free of additional charge by accessing http://www.pockettv.pk. Data will be consumed from your data bundle. If you consume all the data in your data bundle, you can subscribe to our daily package at Rs. 10 charges only and get 100MBs free. 

I have a Telenor internet bundle activated. Can I watch Pocket TV on WiFi?

No, only subscribers of Pocket TV daily bundle can watch Pocket TV on WiFi.

How can I access Pocket TV?

You can access http://www.pockettv.pk from any mobile device with internet connectivity to access Pocket TV. To stream videos, your mobile device must have streaming support from manufacturers. 

Will my Mobile device support Pocket TV streaming?

All devices with streaming support are able to stream Pocket TV. You can look for Pocket TV supported handsets in the list here

Can I use Pocket TV on my Laptop & desktop?

Yes, you can user Pocket TV on you laptop and desktop.

My mobile device supports streaming but I cannot access Pocket TV. What should I do?

You can write to us of the issues you are facing at support@pockettv.com.pk or call Telenor helpline for assistance.

Does Pocket TV have Android and iOS apps as well?

Yes, Pocket TV android app is available on Play store. Click Here to Download Pocket TV Android App from Play Store. We are currently in the process of developing iOS apps. Our valued customers will be informed through marketing and SMS once the iOS app is ready. If you want to be a part of our Pocket TV beta testing program or want to share feedback with us, Please write to us at feedback@pockettv.com.pk


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