djuice Team Package

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The djuice Team Package is the perfect choice for those who love social media as much as they love free calls.

On net: Rs. 1.25 + Tax
Off net: Rs. 1.25 + Tax
FNF:200 Onnet + FNF Mins Free
SMS: Rs. 0.80 + Tax
Rs. 0.75 / 64 KB
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The djuice Team package gives you free calls to djuice and On-net FNF numbers every day, along with internet on your favorite social apps. Just make the first Telenor call of the day at Rs 6+tax/Hr.


Charges of djuice Team Package:




Telenor Numbers

200 Onnet + FNF Minutes Free/Day (After making 1st Telenor call of the day for Rs 6+ Tax / Hour)

Rs 1.25 + Tax / 30 Sec (Regular)


On-net FNF

Rs 0.50 + Tax / 30 Sec


Other Network Numbers

Rs 1.25 + Tax / 30 Sec 



Rs. 0.80 + Tax / SMS



Rs. 6.00 / MMS


2G Internet

Rs. 0.75 / 64 KB


3G Internet

100MB for Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter (After spending Rs.3 on these websites in a day)

Rs. 0.75 / 64 KB


Daily Charges





MMS Charges:

Local MMS
International MMS
Less than 100 KB

Rs. 6.00 incl.Tax

Rs. 17.99 incl.Tax

Between 100KB & 200KB

Rs. 12.00 incl.Tax

Rs. 35.98 incl.Tax

Between 200KB & 300KB

Rs. 18.00 incl.Tax

Rs. 53.97 incl.Tax


Terms and Conditions

  • Balance validity is limited, based on recharge.
  • To join the Team Package, dial *345*11# from your Telenor number.
  • 30 seconds charging unless specified.
  • FNF rates apply for On Net numbers only. Off Net numbers will be charged as per base rate i.e Rs. 1.50 incl. Tax
  • One Time Smart Tunes Activation Charge Rs. 10+Tax.
  • 15 friends & family numbers can be added.
  • Card Reload Charges: 20 Paisa + Tax to be charged on every card reload.
  • Balance Inquiry: Dial *444# to check your balance. (Charges = 20 Paisa + Tax)..
  • Call setup charges of 12.5 paisa (exclusive of tax) will be charged on every call.
  • For details on regional taxation, please Click Here




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