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Telenor Pakistan introduces a new voice calling feature called HD Voice (High Definition Voice) first time in Pakistan

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Telenor Pakistan believes in delivering the best possible solutions to create value for its customers, be it voice or internet. Keeping in line with their endeavors, Telenor Pakistan has introduced a new voice calling feature called HD Voice (High Definition Voice) first time in Pakistan. As the name suggests, Telenor users can now enjoy crystal clear high definition voice, while calling any other Telenor user whenever they are on 3G network and have HD Voice enabled handsets. The main difference between normal mobile calls and HD VOICE is that it contains twice the normal frequency bandwidth, which results in naturalness and sharpness of voice. HD Voice also has significant background noise reduction property. Whenever a person is in a crowded area or at a place where there’s a lot of background noise, HD Voice Is the feature to look to. With an HD call, it seems as if the person you’re talking to over the phone is standing right next to you.






Will I be charged for using this feature?

No, customers won’t be charged extra for using this feature

How do I know I’m using HD Voice?

You will notice great improvement in voice quality accompanied by naturalness in voice and the background noise will become minimal. Besides this, some mobile phone suppliers have bought the HD Voice logo, so whenever you’re using HD Voice, that logo will show near other status icons (Blackberry, LG etc).

Are there any extra requirements for availing this feature?

No extra requirements as such. You’ll only need to be on our 3G network, the person you are calling should also be a Telenor user and on our 3G network and both of you should have HD Voice enabled handsets (most of the smartphones these days come with HD Voice support)

While calling other mobile operator numbers, will I get HD Voice?

No, HD Voice feature is only for On-net calls, as other mobile operators do not have this technology yet. 

Are you the first ones to introduce this feature?

Yes, Telenor Pakistan is the only operator to have introduced this feature in Pakistan. Worldwide though, this feature has been in use for a few years now 


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12/19/2015 1:19 PM
It's a cool feature
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