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Rs. 1,500.00incl. Tax

Telenor Internet SIM is the answer to all your data needs. You can use it in your handset, tablet, laptops etc. Internet SIM offers Telenor’s superior 4G experience at affordable prices.

25 GB
30 Days
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Offer Eligibility:

Bundle prices shown are recharge face values with no extra deductions

Only Customers on Telenor Connect Prepaid Package are eligible for this offer



The subscription is valid for 30 days.


Terms and Conditions

  • This offer can be activated by recharging through Internet easyload or by dialing *932# menu
  • This bundle can be subscribed more than once a month.

Can I purchase Telenor Internet SIM, even if I have 5 SIMS registered against my CNIC?

Yes, you can purchase, if you have less than 3 Internet SIMs registered against your CNIC

Can I send and receive voice calls on Internet SIM?

Telenor Internet SIM is specially designed for internet use only; therefore voice calling services are not available.

Is tax applicable on Telenor Internet SIM bundles?

All Telenor Internet SIM bundles prices are inclusive of all taxes

How can I recharge my Telenor Internet SIM?

Internet easyload: Internet easyload from retailer/franchise with the exact price of the bundle that you wish to activate. Bundle will be automatically posted against the recharge amount via internet easyload.


In case of recharge by below stated methods bundle will not be automatically posted and the subscriber will activate bundle via *932# menu


Normal Recharge/easy load from any Telenor retailer/franchise

Easypaisa: Easyload via easypaisa mobile account

My Telenor app / Online: Register & Sign in your Internet SIM MSISDN with Connect ID, in recharge section, recharge via Credit Card/Debit Card or Easypaisa

What is the bundle activation mechanism?

There are 2 methods to activate bundle:

  1. Internet easyload from retailer/franchise with the exact price of the bundle that you wish to activate. In this case bundle will be automatically posted to subscriber account
  2. In case of Normal Recharge/Easypaisa or My Telenor App / Online Recharge:,

a)       Dial *932# from your handset

b)       Select chosen bundle from USSD menu

Is there any Default Rate available on Telenor 4G Internet SIM Price plan?

No there is no default rate on Internet SIM Price plan. You will have to activate a bundle to use internet

What is the out of bundle rate for Internet SIM?

You will be charged at Rs. 15.04/100 MB out of bundle / spill rate till the bundle expiry date

Will my Internet SIM work on 4G?

Your Internet SIM will work on all 4G/3G/2G depending on handset compatibility and 4G/3G coverage.

Can I activate multiple bundles at the same time?

Yes, you can activate multiple bundles at the same time

Are Internet SIM bundles auto-recurring?

No, bundles are not auto-recurring but chosen bundle will be activated automatically after every recharge through Internet Easyload. Please recharge the exact amount of the bundle price to activate chosen bundle. For recharge through Normal easy load, you will need to have sufficient balance in your account and activate bundle through *932# menu

How can I check my Internet SIM Balance?

You can check the balance by dialing *444#

How can I check my remaining internet volume?

You can check the remaining internet volume by dialing *999#

Will my Internet SIM work with Telenor 4G Mobile Broadband device?

No, Internet SIM will not work with Hotspot devices. Telenor 4G Mobile Broadband devices only work with the SIM provided with 4G Mobile Broadband device.

Can I buy Internet SIM without bundle?

No, the Internet SIM can only be purchased with one of the above bundles

Can I migrate to another price plan?

No, migration in & out for this price plan is disabled


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