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Telenor & Facebook bring you Facebook Flex where you can use Facebook basics free!  

Available on:Telenor & djuice
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Telenor & Facebook bring you Facebook Flex where you can use Facebook basics free!







All active Telenor Prepaid subscribers with data capable phone can access Facebook Flex. 



Facebook Flex will be available free on Telenor Pakistan’s network till further notice.


What is Facebook Flex?

Facebook Flex introduces a toggle on your Facebook application or browser through which you can use Facebook light version completely free and switch back to the paid full version whenever you like!

What is the activation price?

No activations or subscriptions charges.

Who is eligible for this offer?

All Telenor users are eligible to opt for this offer


What is the activation mechanism?

No activation required. Facebook Flex is available to all customers on the Facebook browser and applications

Is it available for both iOS and Android?

It is available for both Android app and browser, and on iOS browser only

How do I use Facebook for Free?

Tap the button “Go to Free” to post or view status, and message your friends for free.

How do I use the full Facebook version?

Tap the button “See Photos” to view full and paid version of Facebook. Standard data charges will apply

How do I avail the Telenor bundles offered through Facebook?

When switching from free to paid version, you will get a popup notification with a link to subscribe to Telenor bundles “buy a new pack”, or to proceed with your current package or regular rate. If you tap “Continue with current package or regular rate”, you will be taken to the paid full version on your existing data plan


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