Emergency Load

Get instant Rs 15 advance balance!

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    • Loan can be used for any voice call, SMS or Digital Service

  • Available for Prepaid subscribers



Product Price
Rs. 3.50


With Telenor Emergency Load, you can now get a loan of Rs.15.00. This loan amount can be used for all prepaid services excluding Balance Transfer. The service is available for all Telenor and djuice customers and the service fee is paid upon loan return (your next successful recharge)

Subscription Type
Rs. 3.5 



Terms and Conditions:
  • If you have already taken a loan, you cannot opt for another loan until you recharge and return the current loan + service charge.
  • There is no restriction on having a minimum balance to avail this service, having cleared all previous Loan requests.
  • Emergency Load will be repaid upon first successful recharge. Rs 15 plus Rs 3.5  service fee will be deducted from recharge.



What is the validity of this amount?

Validity for Emergency Load amount is 30 days

How can I check details about my Emergency Load Balance?

Balance can be checked via standard balance inquiry USSD code *444# which will be charged at Rs. 0.20+tax.

Can I request for another Emergency Load if I have still not cleared the first amount?

No, you will have to clear the amount via recharging before requesting for another one.

What happens if a customer migrates from a prepaid price plan to postpaid?

The loan will be flushed. We will verify if the customer has remaining unpaid loan amount before migration and ensure repayment via recharging.

What are the charges for USSD dial code *0# ?

USSD dial code *0# is free


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'i want emargency load'
i want emergency load and I really like telenor
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