Kids Radio

Enjoy wonderful poems, stories, Islamic knowledge content and much more for children with Telenor Kids Radio

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  • Nursery Rhymes

  • Islamic Knowledge

  • Pakistan Knowledge

  • Health & Cleanliness


Product Price
Rs. 6.00/Week



Telenor brings new and exciting service for children: Telenor Kids Radio! Through this service, you can listen to poems, stories, Islamic knowledge content and much more.



Subscription Type





Rs. 6.00

SUBW to 6557

USUBW to 6557


Rs. 20.00

SUBM_LS to 6557

USUBM_LS to 6557


Rs. 0.00 / Call



Rs. 0.00 / SMS



Do I need internet to listen to the service?

No, this is an IVR based service so internet is not required

How can I subscribe the service?

  • Dial 6557 (IVR) OR send SMS SUBW to 6557 for weekly service
  • Send SMS SUBM_LS to 6557 monthly

How can I unsub from the Service?

  • USUBW to 6557 for weekly package
  • USUBM_LS to 6557 for monthly package

Is IVR charged after subscription ?

No, IVR is FOC for service users

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