USA, Canada and UK Offer

Rs. 4.99/15 mins

Now call any landline or mobile number in USA / Canada, and landline number in UK for the most affordable rates ever. No subscription required

  Rs. 4.99/15 Mins
Dial:999 before number
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You can now make calls to USA / Canada (Landline + Mobile) and UK (Landline) numbers at a discounted rate. Just add 999 before dialing the USA/Canada/UK Number and catch up with your loved ones for Rs. 4.99/15 minutes (excl. tax) .

Offer Eligibility

All Telenor Postpaid subscribers are eligible for this offer


The offer is valid 24 hours a day.


Note:  You can enjoy these features if you already have International Dialing enabled. For activation of IDD please call 345. Minimum credit limit required for IDD access is Rs. 2,000. You can also increase your credit limit using Scratch Cards  (Procedure : *456*14 digit code# )


Terms and Conditions:

•    19.5% FED and 12.5% withholding tax applies only in AJK



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