Voice Mail

Your friends and family can now leave messages on your mobile phone in case you cannot attend their call; you can play back those voice messages afterwards.

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  • Listen to recorded voice messages

  • Available for prepaid/postpaid


Product Price
Rs. 20.92/(One-Time Subscription)



Never miss an important message with Telenor Voice Mail. Your own answering machine will take messages from your callers which you can listen to later.


What situations will Voice Mail work in:

  • When you are busy.
  • If you are out of coverage area (no signals).
  • If your phone is switched off.
  • If you fail to answer a call.


Subscription Type
PAYG (one-time activation)
Rs. 25.00
send vm to 345
send dvm to 345


How to listen to Voice Mail messages:

You can listen to your messages by any of the following steps.

  • Dial 500 from your computer.
  • Call 0345-5555502 from any PTCL or Landline number.
  • You can go to voice mail through speed dial (if your handset has this functionality).


Other Charges:

  • One-time activation charges are Rs. 25.00 (Tax incl.).
  • Each SMS to 345 will cost Rs. 2.00 + Tax.
  • To listen to messages, you will be charged according to your Price Plan.
  • Voice Mail charging pulse will be 60 seconds in all cases.



What are the activation/deactivation codes for Call Forwarding and Conference Calling?

Send the following codes to 345 at Rs. 2 + Tax


Call Forwarding
cf off
Conference Calling
cc off


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