Talkshawk Value

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Enjoy amazing call rates with the Telenor Value Package to talk to your loved ones on all networks.

On net: Rs. 1.80+Tax
Off net: Rs. 1.80+Tax
SMS: Rs. 1.50+Tax
3G/4G: Rs 12 / MB
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Enjoy amazing call rates with the Telenor Talkshawk Value Package to talk to your loved ones on all networks.


To ALL Networks + PTCL. Rs. 1.80 / Mins.
Video Calls Rs. 2.00 + Tax / 5 Mins.
Friends & Family Telenor-Telenor(6am - 6pm) Rs. 1.20 / Mins.
Friends & Family Telenor-Telenor(6pm - 6am) Rs. 1.50 / Mins.


 Rs. 1.50 + Tax
 Outgoing International
 Rs. 5.00 + Tax


 Internet/WAP Usage (Upload/Download per MB)

3G/4G: Rs 12.00 incl.Tax

2G: Rs. 18.00 incl.Tax


Local MMS
International MMS
Under 100 KB
Rs. 6 incl.Tax
Rs. 17.99 incl.Tax
Rs. 12 incl.Tax
Rs. 35.98 incl.Tax
Rs. 18 incl.Tax
Rs. 53.97 incl.Tax


Free Services

    •      Call Waiting.  

    •      Conference Calling (subscription).


Terms and Conditions

  • Balance validity is limited, based on recharge.
  • Call setup charges of 12.5 paisa (exclusive of tax) will be charged on every call.
  • For details on regional taxation, please Click Here



How can I migrate to Talkshawk Value Package?

  • Write "migrate" and send SMS to 345.
  • The following menu will be received.
    Dear customer, please select the Price plan. Reply with your choice as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.
    1. Talkshawk 75.
    2. Talkshawk economy.
    3. Djuice.
    4. Djuice Din raat.
    5. Talkshawk 24 hour.
    6. Talkshawk Value.
  • Reply with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6.
  • Price Plan will be changed shortly (and subscriber will receive a confirmation SMS in case of successful Migration).
  • On change of Package Plan, all purchased Bundles of SMS and free minutes will be confiscated.

What are the charges in case I have lost my SIM and I need a new one?

You can get Duplicate SIM at the price of Rs.100 as long as the SIM is registered in your name.

How do I check my balance?

Register your account on the Telenor Pakistan website to track your balance directly from your personalized dashboard.

Alternatively, there are three ways you can check your balance:

  •  Go to Telenor menu in your SIM
    • Select prepaid services
    • Select balance
  • Dial *444# from your talkshawk subscription and press OK/Send button to get your balance checked(Charges: 24 Paisa)
  • Dial 555 from your talkshawk subscription and press 2 for balance inquiry.

Can I get a Telenor talkshawk number of my own choice?

Yes, you can get a special number of your choice if it's available and not already sold to somebody else. Click on Get SIM to order a number of your choice now.


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