Saudi Roaming Bundle

Rs. 600.00

Talk to your loved one from Saudi Arabia

  20 min (incoming/ outgoing)
15 Days
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Offer Eligibility

All Telenor prepaid subscribers are eligible for this offer. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Telenor reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time.
  • IR service needs to be activated for using the bundle.
  • Customer can use these minutes for local call and call back home (Pakistan) only for making & receiving calls.
  • This bundle can be subscribed in Pakistan as well as in Saudia by dialing the string but minutes will be consumed in Saudia only.
  • Bundle would get expired on expiry of main account validity . However, will remain unchanged on PP change.
  • Offer mechanics and price are subject to change at any time.



If customer activates this bundle in Pakistan, can it be used while living in Pakistan or customer would not be able to use this bundle in Pakistan by any means?

Bundle would get subscribed in Pakistan but minutes can be consumed while being in Saudia only.

How can subscribers check remaining internet Volume (MBs)?

Dial *222# to check the remaining internet volume.

What will happen if user changes his Price Plan after activating Saudia Roaming Bundle?

Bundle will be remain unchanged.

What will happen main account validity is expired?

Bundle will be deactivated.

Is this bundle mutually exclusive with any other offer/service?

It is not mutual exclusive with any of the bundle.

Does this offer has auto renewal functionality?

Offer will get expire after 15 days.


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