Smart Number

Get 2 numbers on 1 SIM without any hassle - no need to carry 2 phones now!

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  • Calls and SMS via Smart Number

  • Missed Call Alerts

  • Call and SMS Blocker

  • Turn 'On' or 'Off' your Smart Number

  • Available for Prepaid/Postpaid


Product Price
Rs. 8.37/Week



With the Telenor Smart Number service, all Telenor customers can now subscribe for a virtual number. You can now have 2 numbers on 1 SIM so you do not need to carry two phones with you anymore.



  • Calls or SMS* from your assigned Smart Number instantly by dialing a prefix "77" before the number you are calling or sending a message to e.g. Example: 7703451212121

  • Missed Call Alerts

  • Block or unblock unwanted calls and SMS

  • Your Smart Number can be turned 'on' or 'off' for a specified time


Subscription Type
Rs. 8.37
Rs. 29.88


Call Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net)
Rs.2.39 per Minute
SMS Charges (On-Net/ Off-Net)
Limited time offer
7700 IVR Charges
Rs.0 / Minute
Other features



What are the weekly renewal charges?

Rs. 7 + tax

Can I buy more than one Smart Number?

Only one Smart Number can be allotted to one customer.

When I receive a call using my Smart Number, how do I know the inbound caller is calling on my virtual number?

When you receive a call, 77 prefix will be visible before the number (7703451234567) so you will know that inbound call is on Smart Number.

How do I call from my Smart Number?

Dial 77 before any number (77034557654321) in order to make calls from your Smart Number.

When someone dials my Smart Number, what number appears on their phone bill?

Your Smart Number appears on their phone bill; your personal number remains anonymous.

Will my phone work as normal with its regular number?

Yes, your phone will continue to work as usual unless someone calls your virtual number you make call with 77 pre-fix.

What number shows up on my Smart Number phone bill?

The billing will be done on primary number but you can see the call records of Smart Number as well in the bill.

Are there any other costs associated with my Smart Number bill?


How do I send an SMS message?

You can enter a text message and send out to any mobile number just like you would from your regular chat / SMS function on your phone but the caller ID shown to the other party would be your Smart Number and NOT the primary phone number. Just need to add a pre-fix 77 before the number (7703455720085). Charges: Rs 2+t/SMS

How long will I own the assigned phone number?

Once assigned Smart Number will remain with the user and users cannot change their Smart Number.

Can I block the incoming calls on certain hours?

Yes you can block incoming calls from all or specific numbers.

  • dial 7700 and follow the IVR instructions
  • block all incoming calls: send bcall all to 7700
  • block incoming calls from specific #: send bcall 345cccdddd to 7700

Can I make international calls and SMS from my Smart Number?

International calls/SMS from Smart number are not allowed.

Can I transfer balance from my Smart Number?

Balance transfer is not possible through Smart number.

Can I use SMS/Voice Buckets on my Smart Number?


Can I port-out my Smart Number?

You cannot port-out your Smart number. Only your primary number can be ported out and then your Smart Number will automatically become idle.

Can I use other Digital Services on my Smart Number?

Other Digital Services cannot be used on Smart Number.


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