Talkshawk A1

60 Sec

Subscribe to the Talkshawk A1 package to enjoy affordable rates for calls, SMS and international FnF.

On net: Rs. 1.00+Tax
Off net: Rs. 1.40+Tax
FNF:Rs. 0.70+Tax
SMS: Rs. 1.50+Tax
2G: Rs 1.13 / 64 KB
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Talkshawk brings you freedom to make affordable calls to any network.


With the Talkshawk A1 Package, talk for only Rs. 1.00 +Tax/60 seconds on Telenor to Telenor calls and Rs. 0.70/60 seconds for Telenor FnF numbers.


Free Services

  • Call Waiting
  • Conference Calling (subscription)



Telenor to Telenor Rs. 1.00 +Tax/60 sec
Other Networks Rs. 1.40 + Tax/60 sec
 Telenor FnF

Rs. 0.70 + Tax/60 sec


All Networks
Rs. 1.50 + Tax
Outgoing International
Rs. 5.00 + Tax
Video Calls
Rs. 2.00 + Tax / 5 min


Inclusive of Interconnect and long distance charges. 

All outgoing calls/airtime usage is subject to 19.5% CED only.


 Internet/WAP Usage (Upload/Download per MB)
 Rs. 18.00


Local MMS
International MMS
Under 100 KB
Rs. 6.00 incl.Tax
Rs. 17.99 incl.Tax
Rs. 12.00 incl.Tax
Rs. 35.98 incl.Tax
Rs. 18.00 incl.Tax
Rs. 53.97 incl.Tax



Terms and Conditions

  • 19.5% FED applies on usage and 40 paisa call setup will be charged on every local call.
  • Kindly note that 0.84% higher prices shall be charged in Federal Territory, Baluchistan, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan region.
  • 14% withholding tax and 10% service charges will be charged on recharge.
  • Video Call
    • Charging of Video Call will be done on a 5 Minutes Basis.
    • A video call capable phone is required.
    • Both parties need to be in 3G area and have 3G Video Call capable phone.
    • Please note Hangout, Facetime, Skype and other OTT apps will be charged as per the relevant Data / Internet Rate.



How can I Migrate to Talkshawk A1?

  • Write "migrate" and send SMS to 345 (Rs. 2 excl. Tax)
  • On change of Package Plan, all purchased Bundles of SMS and free minutes will be confiscated
  • Migration charges are Rs. 10 (incl. Tax)

What are the charges in case I have lost my SIM and I need a new one?

You can get Duplicate SIM at the price of Rs.65 as long as the SIM is registered in your name.

How do I check my balance?

Register your account on the Telenor Pakistan website to track your balance directly from your personalized dashboard.

Alternatively, there are three ways you can check your balance:

  •  Go to Telenor menu in your SIM
    • Select prepaid services
    • Select balance
  • Dial *444# from your talkshawk subscription and press OK/Send button to get your balance checked(Charges: 24 Paisa)
  • Dial 555 from your talkshawk subscription and press 2 for balance inquiry.

Can I get a Telenor talkshawk number of my own choice?

Yes, you can get a special number of your choice if it's available and not already sold to somebody else. Click on Get SIM to order a number of your choice now.

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