Voiler is an entertainment based service enabling you to interact with your favorite celebrities!

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  • Star Kahani
  • Become a Celebrity Yourself
  • Celebrity Corner
  • Live Hotline Chat
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Rs. 8.37/Week



Voiler is an entertainment based service enabling you to interact with your favorite celebrities. Enjoy the freedom to listen to voice feeds of your favorite Celebrities on your Mobile Phone without using a browser or any other application! You can also record your own voice messages and send them to your favorite celebrities. In addition to this, you can forward a Voice Message of any Celebrity to another subscriber of the service.



Telenor Voiler brings you the following exciting segments:


  • Celebrity Corner: You can choose a Celebrity of your choice and listen to Celebrity Voice messages, record messages for them, follow them  and also forward their messages to another Voiler service subscriber.

  • Star Kahani: You can listen to the short life stories of Celebrities recorded in the Celebrity’s own voice.

  • Become a Celebrity yourself: You can record your own Voils and share them with Friends & Family and create your own Followers! Your Followers can also respond to your Voice messages!

  • Hotline Chat: You can talk live with Celebrities from your favorite segments at a premium rate. You can choose one out of the available celebrities at a given time and the Celebrity would then be dialed into a Bridge call, where the first customer in queue is an Active caller talking directly to the celebrity and the remaining callers are on Hold but listening to the conversation.



Popular Celebrities:

Subscription Type
Weekly Rs. 8.37 *345*7060# *345*7061#





SMS Commands:

Send SMS to 7060 Action

"Name <insert Name>"

To Change your personal Celebrity Name


To get your personal Celebrity ID


To get the List of Celebrities you are currently Following

"Follow <Voiler ID>"

To add a Celebrity to your List of Celebrities

"Unfollow <Voiler ID>"

To Remove a Celebrity from your list of Celebrities

"Search <Name>"

To search a Celebrity by Name


To get Help regarding the Service Mechanics




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