Music & Video

Smart Tunes

Telenor SmartTunes lets your friends and family listen to your favourite tunes when they call you

Background Music

Play your favorite song in the background & spread the joy of music with your calls.

Ilaqai Ganay

Listen to regional music content in 7 different regional languages of Pakistan.

Voice Search

Search for a song simply by saying out the song, artist or movie name.

Song Dedication

Give your loved ones a special gift with djuice Song Dedication Service!

Apni Tune

Listen to your favourite tunes while waiting on a call with Telenor ApniTune

SMS Song Search

Search for songs by artist, track title or the movie it was featured in.

Music Box

An all-in-one music database with live shows, songs and film reviews.

Telenor Music

Stream music non-stop, build playlists & more with Pakistan’s first music streaming service.

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