Emergency Load

Out of credit? Instantly get Rs. 15 balance and repay it on your next recharge.

Smart Share

There is joy in sharing, so transfer balance to friends and family who need it.

Balance Enquiry

Check your remaining balance, SMS, minutes and internet usage.

Missed Call Alerts

Get alerts for calls missed when your phone is switched off or unreachable.

Smart Number

Get 2 numbers on 1 SIM now without having to carry two phones!

Call and SMS Blocker

Block unwanted calls with Telenor Call & SMS Blocker to get rid of unwanted callers.

Direct Carrier Billing on Google Play

Telenor brings the convenience of buying Apps and In-App content on Google Play without any hassle of credit/debit card. Simply buy content through prepaid mobile balance or charge to postpaid bill for a whole new experience.

Easy Bazaar

Do you want to order stuff online at much better prices? Telenor brings Easy Bazaar!

Telenor Customer Care 

Telenor Customer Care

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