Location-based Ads

Rs. 5,000.00

Now with Telenor Location based Advertisement, advertisers can reach consumers at a specific location and time via SMS to an opted-in database and promote their product in that specific market.

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  • Drive traffic to your shops and outlets
  • Develop timely tactical promotions
  • Invite customers to your activations and events



Now with Telenor Location-based Advertisements, advertisers can reach the consumers in a specific location and time via SMS to an opted-in database and promote their product in that specific market.



Who should use this service?

  • Advertisers looking to drive traffic to their shops and outlets.
  • Advertisers looking to increase sales in off-peak hours.
  • Advertisers looking for timely tactical promotions.
  • Brand Managers looking to divert customers to their activation event.
  • Event organizers looking to reach customers living in the same city.


What’s in it for advertisers?

  • Manage and design your own campaign.
  • Reach the audience at specific location.
  • Reach the audience at specific time.
  • Limit the number of user you want to reach.


What’s in it for consumers?

  • Customers only start receiving advertisements once they have opted in for the program i.e . It is spam free
  • All interaction of customers with the service is absolutely free
  • Customers are provided free mins/SMS and Digital Services for free every now and then
  • Customers receive deals/discounts according to their real time location


How to activate?

Fill in the form on our LBA portal http://lba.telenor.com.pk/public/contactus.htm
We will share a subscription form after which you can send Sub1, Sub2 or Sub3 to 5646 depending on your package requirement or call 200 for details.


What are the charges?

Subscription Cost is Rs.5000/- . Following are the available bundles.

Bundle price (PKR)
No. of  SMS
Bundle 1
Rs. 2.00
60 Days
Bundle 2
Rs. 1.76
Bundle 3
Rs. 1.60




I am a merchant that would like to advertise with Telenor Location Based Advertisement. Who do I contact?

Please fill the form on our website (http://lba.telenor.com.pk/public/contactus.htm) and we will get back to you. You can also email us on lba.sales@telenor.com.pk.

How long does it take for account creation? 

Account is created right away after sending subscription request to 5646.

Is a merchant required to install special software for using the service?

Merchant does not need to install any special software on computer to access Telenor LBA service. Merchant only requires internet connection and web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.

What is the Telenor LBA portal link?

Please visit http://lba.telenor.com.pk/ .

Can Merchant send SMS to subscribers of all Operators or only to Telenor subscribers? 

Merchant can send SMS to Telenor’s subscribers only.

What is the SMS character limit? 

SMS Character limit is 140 characters (including spaces).

Can SMS be sent to international numbers

No, LBA service cannot be used to send SMS to international numbers.

Is Urdu SMS supported by LBA? 

Not at the moment.

In which scenarios will SMS not be delivered?

The SMS will not be delivered in following cases:

  • Cell phone remains switched off for a long period of time.
  • SMS sent to an invalid number.
  • Recipient mobile is out of GSM coverage area for a long period of time.

Does Merchant need to keep his/her computer ON till the time all messages aren’t delivered?

No, the Merchant does not need to keep his/her computer ON once the campaign is launched.

Does LBA provide Masking? 

Yes, alpha-numeric masking is available.

How many characters does masking have?

The Character length of SMS Masking can be between 3 to 11 characters.

Which characters are not supported in masking?

Special Characters are not allowed e.g.!@#$%^&*()_+-<>?”:;’[]{}+=|/.,

Can masking be changed? 

Merchants are allowed to have 5 maskings in total which he/she will specify at the time of account activation. Any of the 5 masking can be used for any of the campaign.

Are there any charges for SMS Masking? 

There are no extra charges for SMS Masking.

How many maskings are allowed?

There are a total of 5 masking’s allowed per account.

Are there any time limits for sending promotional messages? 

Yes, you can broadcast between 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Are there any day limits for sending promotional messages? 

No, there are no limitations.

What is the purpose of ‘Impression count’? 

Impression count is used if the merchant wants to cap the number of messages in a particular campaign. In case ‘No limit’ is selected, the message would go out to all customers till the bundle is exhausted.

Where can I view the list of total campaigns executed to date?

After logging in to your account, click ‘My campaigns’ on the main menu to view the list of total campaigns executed.

My campaigns are in pending state, what does this mean?

The campaigns will be launched within 48 hours.

For which purposes LBA cannot be used? 

LBA service cannot be used for sending obnoxious messages and spamming. Incase if Telenor LBA service is used for above mentioned purposes, Telenor reserves the right to terminate the LBA account. Please refer to content guidelines on the website.

Can merchant view his/her remaining SMS? 

Yes, the remaining bundle of LBA service can be viewed at Dashboard of Merchant portal.

How do I change my password?

After logging in, you can always change password by clicking on the Change Password tab and providing your current password information.

Does LBA deliver all SMS at once? 

SMS is sent to all Telenor LBA subscribers present geographically near the campaign area. However, if any subscriber’s cell phone is off or he is out of service area, retries are done till 24 hours otherwise message is discarded.

If SMS is sent to too many subscribers, it may take a few minutes for SMS to get delivered – depending on the throughput rate and the load at SMSC at that particular moment.

How can merchant view/add/edit campaigns? 

Merchant can view all campaigns by going to My Campaigns tab on portal. By clicking on ‘Add new Campaign’, the page gets redirected to ‘Add/Modify Campaign Entry’ where user can easily define each and every step of Campaign.

Can Merchant set campaigns according to the geographical position of subscribers?

Merchant can set radius in kilometers according to which he can add subscribers to receive his messages. This option is under Add/Modify Campaign Entry.

Is it possible to add multiple messages in one campaign?

Multiple messages cannot be added in one campaign. Only one message can be added under Add/Modify Message where user can set SMS, masking, Text with URL as optional.

How much time will it take in making campaign live after creating it? 

It will take maximum 48 hours for the campaign to be live.

How will I get to know if my campaign has been approved or not?

An auto generated email will be sent on your contact email address for campaign approval.

Why has my campaign been disapproved?

The SMS text is not as per Telenor’s content guidelines.


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