Corporate Call and SMS

Rs. 2,500.00+Tax

Corporate Call and SMS allows you to create your own customized directory of groups for sending group messages.

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  • Announce new offers and products to customers.

  • Inform employees in time of emergency.

  • Inform patients about appointments or prescriptions.

  • Broadcast examination results



Corporate Call and SMS is an instantaneous broadcast messaging system that has been developed for business concerns that require making regular contact with customers and staff. It is the simplest way to access their direct or indirect associates without any restrictions on the number of intended recipients.

Corporate Call and SMS allows you to create your own customized directory of groups for sending group messages. There is no limit to how many messages you can send to a group at any one time.




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Usage Examples

  • Businesses announcing new offers to their customers.

  • Banks announcing new products and special offers.

  • Companies and Embassies informing their employees in emergencies.

  • Retailers announcing discount offers or new arrivals to their regular clientele.

  • Doctors reminding their patients about appointments or prescriptions.

  • Schools, College and Universities broadcasting examination results.

  • Banks sending out alerts when a customer uses his credit card.



  • Affordability – A fraction of what it would cost using conventional means to reach multitude of individuals.

  • Ease of Usage – A simple desktop interface enables message composing, recipient selection, scheduling delivery and account maintenance effortless.

  • Integrated Billing & Reconciliation – Corporate Call and SMS application allows a Business organization to have a profile that is mapped onto one physical account. Its inherent account logging feature provides real-time updates of broadcasted messages, scheduled deliveries, and recipients & sender details.

  • Wide Reach – Enables sending Timely notifications to both off-net and on-net recipients.

  • Customized Message Templates – Allow users to compose new messages and/or choose from customized message templates for re-use, thus saves time.

  • Installation Free Solution – Customer does not need to install any software. It's a web based solution and can work on any computer.

  • Throughput – SMS through put from this solution is much more than sending from handset, EDGE card or any other application.

  • Masking –SMS can be branded with your own company's name.



  • Users - Postpaid.

  • Subscriber List - Unlimited number of subscriber list can be created.

  • SMS - Subscriber can create, save and send SMS messages.

  • Urdu Support - This system supports Urdu message as well.

  • Message Length - Subscriber can send a message with 765 characters at most.

  • Scheduler - Subscribers can broadcast their message immediately or sc.

  • Masking - Choose to send your broadcast out from your phone number or your organization nameAPIs - Customers can use the open web-based APIs within their own in-house software to send out SMS messages.

    • Character length is between 3 to 11.
    • No "digits only".
    • No special characters are allowed.
    • Space is allowed.
  • Usage Summary - Customer will have Complete summary showing status of every message sent in any campaign.

  • Schedule the broadcast for a later time and date.

  • Multiple Masking - masks options up to 250 (Addition and editing of 30+ masking will be charged RS. 100 per Request).

  • Multiple Campaigns Deletion - multiple campaigns can be deleted using check boxes.

  • Multiple subscriber list deletion - Multiple subscriber list can be deleted using check boxes.

  • Reusability of Executed campaign - already executed campaign can be reused instead making new one.

  • Multiple recipients in Quick message - multiple recipients can be added using , or ;

  • Quick message history - message executed by quick message via API & Web will generate history.

  • Trail Account - for those clients who want to experience service usage before subscribing to the service.

  • Secure Browsing - Secure Internet Customer Portal with HTTPS.

  • Hierarchy feature - Customers can delegate access rights and tasks to groups via web Interface.

  • Delivery Reports - Reports availability for the campaigns that are run via service APIs.

  • Usage Tips - Solution Guidelines and Tips on Customer Interface.

  • Instant feedback - Customer can share there feedback via web Interface.

  • Advance reporting - Dashboard Representation of Data, Video tutorial (coming Up..)

  • Delivery Status - Delivery status of campaigns send via API.

  • Target Customer - Reaching International customers in addition to Local via SMS.

  • Account Recharge - Single short code for account re-charge making it easier for customers.

  • Auto Renewal Subscription - Auto-renewal option for subscription.

  • One go Subscription - 6 and 12 months subscription renewal timeframe in addition to 3 months.

  • Credit Recharge - Account Credit re-charge of Rs. 5000 and 10,000 in addition to Rs. 100, 500 & 1000.

  • Online - Online Credit purchase option at CSMS portal.

  • Notification - Addition of more notifications & alerts about the account/subscription state sent to the customers.

  • API Document - Service API complete documentation made available for download at CSMS portal.

  • Search Features - Enhanced Search with date/day filters introduced in Campaign & Recipient List.



For Premium Account
For Normal Account
Activation Charge: Rs. 3,500 (One Time)
Activation Charge: Rs. 2,500 (One Time)
Quarterly Fee: Rs. 2000
Quarterly Fee: Rs. 1000
Price/SMS: 0.5 Plus Tax
Price/SMS: 0.5 Plus Tax
Throughput: 23-25/ sec
Throughput: 8-10/ sec
International SMS: Rs. 10 / SMS
Masking Addition/Deletion: Rs. 100 / transaction


Discounted Bundles



  • Line Rent: 9,000

  • SMS Bucket: 20,000

  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.40



  • Line Rent: 20,000

  • SMS Bucket: 50,000

  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.35



  • Line Rent: 35,000

  • SMS Bucket: 100,000

  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.30



  • Line Rent: 125,000

  • SMS Bucket: 500,000

  • Post Bucket SMS rate: 0.20


Voice Bundle
Minutes Offered
Bundle 1
Bundle 2
Bundle 3
Bundle 4



How is Corporate Call different from Corporate SMS?

The new Corporate Call is a feature that allows users to send voice clips or voice messages to as many recipients as needed. In the enhanced interface, users can choose between an SMS Campaign and a Voice Campaign to send the respective message to the target base. As Corporate Call and Corporate SMS are part of the same platform, we have termed it ‘Corporate Call & SMS Platform’

Can I upload audio formats other than .WAV to the Audio Library?

No. If the audio clip is not in the .WAV format, we recommend using the web tool - to convert into the .WAV format before uploading it.

Can I record the voice message using my mobile phone?

Users can request a Call from the audio library section to record voice messages. See User Guide for details.

Can I schedule a Voice Campaign and an SMS Campaign at the same time?

The Voice and SMS Campaign tabs are independent of each other and they can be used without affecting each other.

Is there a new way of uploading subscriber lists for voice campaigns?

No. The subscriber lists are managed in the same way as previously. The same entries will be displayed and made available for selection while creating voice or SMS campaigns.

How do I purchase Voice Bundles?

Similar to how SMS Bundles are purchased in Corporate SMS, in Corporate Call, you must contact your Telenor Customer Sales Representative to purchase the relevant Voice Bundles which will give out Free Minutes for use.

If I don’t use the Corporate Call feature, will I be charged any additional fee?

There are no hidden charges for the Corporate Call facility. Only if you execute Voice Campaigns will the balance/credit be deducted upon usage.

How will the Account balance be managed by the new interface?

The overall credit will remain unified and charges will be deducted based on the SMS and Minutes usage according to per SMS, and per minute charging.

What will happen if the recipient does not pick up the call?

If you have selected the auto-SMS option and specified a message text, this will be delivered to the recipient who is unable to attend the call after the specified number of retries have been exhausted.

What will happen if I call the IVR shortcode?

If you are a Corporate Account holder/user, upon dialing the shortcode 6007, you can record or approve Voice Prompts.

How can credit be purchased for executing Voice Campaign?

The process of purchasing credit is the same as before (in CSMS) with no changes.


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