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Internet Bundles

Internet Bundle Name
Price (Rs.)
Data (GBs)
Bundle 1
30 Days
Bundle 2
30 Days
Bundle 3
30 Days
Bundle 4
30 Days
Bundle 5
30 Days


  • Bundle Spillover Rate after exhaustion Rs.15.04/100 MB inclusive of tax or (0.01/64KB)
  • Amount is inclusive of all taxes – given these will be designed for data SIMs this only means that WHT 14% is included.
  • PayG usage without subscription of a bundle will be blocked (spill rate will be charged within bundle validity only)


FAQs (4)

Can these bundles be subscribed on any other SME price plan?

No, These bundles can only be subscribed on the new 4GDataPostpay price Plan.

Will data services be barred after exhaustion or complete consumption of the bundles?

No, services will not be barred on exhaustion or complete consumption. Customer will be charged as per Spill over rate within bundle validity only.

Can the client use SMS on this price plan?

No, SMS services will not be activated on this price plan, user cannot send or receive any text messages except system generated notifications.

Is it possible to have the price plan to be without any bundle at any time?

No, the price plan won’t work if no bundle has been activated.

Can these bundles be used on any data price plans?

No, these bundles cannot be subscribed on any other price plan.

Are there any charges of the price plan?

No, No line rent is charged on the price plan.

Does this price plan offer any free resources like Free data, Free SMS or Free Voice minutes?

No, Price plan alone does not have any free resources

Can other internet bundles be used on this price plan?

Other internet bundles cannot be used on USB data price plan. ONLY the 3G and 4G “LARGE SCREEN BUNDLES” can be used.

Are these bundles 2G/3G enabled?

Yes, these bundles are backward compatible which means they will work on 4G/3G/2G.

Will these bundles on International Roaming?

No, these bundles will not work roaming.

How can I know if I have 4G coverage in my area?

Can these bundles be subscribed twice in a month?

No, these bundles can only be subscribed monthly, upon exhaustion, bundle spillover will be charged until the bundle expires.

Do these bundles have discounts available?

These bundles have no discounts available on these


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