Call and SMS Blocker

Rs. 8.96 incl. tax

Block unwanted calls with Telenor Call & SMS Blocker to get rid of unwanted callers.

Let the Telenor Call and SMS Blocker make your life easy. Block all unwanted callers and messages with our subscription based service that stops any number (021-xxxxxxx, 042-xxxxxxx, 030x-xxxxxx, 033x-xxxxxx, 032x-xxxxxxxx, 034x-xxxxxxx) from calling or messaging you.

Once you block a caller, any call and SMS from that caller cannot reach you. Instead a prompt is played to the caller on call and they are also unable to reach you over SMS.

How to block calls and SMS:

You need to SMS ‘sub’ to 420 to get registered. Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation SMS a few hours later.

Subscription Type Price Subscribe Unsubscribe
Weekly Rs. 8.96 incl. tax *420# Send ‘SUB’ to 420 Send ‘USUB’ to 420


After confirmation, you can send the Number you want to block to 420 or use one of the following options.

Activation Text Short Code Definition Charges*
B 420 To add a number to Blacklist Rs 2.39
UB 420 To remove a number from Blacklist Rs 2.39
W 420 To add a number to whitelist Rs 2.39
WB 420 To remove a number from Whitelist Rs 2.39
BL 420 To view Black list No Charges
USUB 420 To Unsubscribe the service No Charges
SWITCH 420 Switch to black active or white active mode No Charges

* Charges are inclusive of tax

IVR 420 Channel Charges: Rs.2.39/minute(

This service is available on ALL prepaid & postpaid packages.

NWD & IDD Subscription:

The service blocks incoming calls and Text Messages. It works on two access levels: Nationwide Dialing (NWD), International Direct Dialing (IDD). If you have International Roaming (IR) on your number, you have to change it back to NWD or IDD and then you can subscribe to this service.

Many people around you would need this service so why not share it on your social media pages!

Yes, the usage of service will be shown in your Invoice.
  • As you have International Roaming activated on your phone number.
  • You can not enjoy Call Blocker & IR access on your phone at the same time.
  • Simply change the access level from IR to IDD or NWD by calling 345.
  • After the access level is changed, then you can send 'sub' to 420. Subscription Charges: Rs.20+tax per month.

They hear the default prompt of 'Busy Tone'.

No. This service blocks the incoming calls only

If you want to switch to black list then send "Switch " to 420. If you want to switch to white list then send "Switch " to 420. Charges: Switching is free of cost.

No, you have to switch to either one of them for example if you are switched to Black list then not allowed numbers cannot make calls/SMS to you and if you have switched to White List then only allowed numbers can make calls/SMS to you.

You need to send an SMS "B 03451234567" to 420 Charges: Rs. 2+Tax only
You need to send an SMS "UB 03451234567" to 420 Charges: Rs. 2+Tax only

Numbers enlisted in black list cannot make calls/sms to you

You need to send an SMS "W 03451234567" to 420 Charges: Rs. 2+Tax only

White list contains only allowed list of numbers, you will not be receiving calls/SMS except white list numbers.

  • Subscription renewal is automatically attempted after thirty days – you get a notification on 27th day.
  • On 30th day if you do not have the balance of more than Rs.24, the service is de-activated.
  • You would start receiving those annoying calls again.
  • For your convenience, until you unsubscribe, the subscription is attempted every night.
  • If you have the balance exceeding Rs. 24, subscription is renewed & all those annoying calls will be blocked again.
  • Once you are re-subscribed, you do not need to block the numbers again as the list of blocked numbers is maintained at the system even when your subscription is not renewed.

We maintain the list of your blocked numbers for the next seven (7) days. So if you choose to come back, you would not need to re-create the list of blocked numbers again.

We maintain the list of your blocked numbers for the next seven (7) days.When you renew, you would not need to re-create the list of blocked numbers again.

You can choose to unsubscribe by sending 'usub' to 420 (Free of Charge). If you don't do anything, your subscription will be renewed & RS. 20 + tax will be charged.

No. First you have to subscribe to the service, by sending an SMS with text 'sub' to 420. This will create your subscription. Once you are subscribed to the service, then you can block the numbers.

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