About Telenor

Telenor is a diverse & multicultural organization with offices around the globe. 22,000 diverse individuals as part of Telenor’s DNA come together for a singular mission i.e. to empower societies that we operate in.

Let’s carve the future

At Telenor Pakistan, people are our success drivers, and that makes their careers important to us. If you wish for your career to grow leaps and bounds, then you have reached the right place!
Telenor will provide you the opportunity to be mentored, nurtured and empowered so you can create something inspirational that influences the lives of 43 million people every day. We at Telenor Pakistan believe in “Connecting you to what matters most by empowering societies’’
Here you will find open acceptability of ideas, innovation and diversity.

Our culture is such that it encourages hands-on experience to bring together our business philosophy which consists of our four guiding behaviors:

  • Always Explore. We believe growth comes from learning every day. We’re curious and we dare to challenge, test, fail fast and pivot.
  • Create Together. We believe diverse teams find better solutions. We seek different perspectives, share, involve and help each other succeed.
  • Keep Promises. We believe that trust is key in all our relationships. We take ownership and pride in delivering with precision and integrity.
  • Be Respectful. We believe in the unique human ability to understand what matters for people. We meet everyone at eye level, listen and show that we care.

Why employee love us


The charming lush green outdoor lawns with hundreds of trees and the spectacularly crafted stepped ponds inside and outside the building with its sparkling water draws its inspiration from the “Baolis”.

For sure it sets us apart from everyone else in the industry!

Environmental Aspects

The building is design demonstrates Telenor’s commitment towards a green environment. Some of these features include:

  • Designed in accordance with ASHRAE 189.1; a stringent standard for the design of high-performance green buildings.
  • North-South building orientation to avail maximum benefits of sunlight.
  • Some 783 photovoltaic panels on the roof providing 10% solar energy to the building.
  • Use of LED lights, occupancy sensors, daylight compensation sensors, light timers, double glazed low-E glass, low flow plumbing fixtures and energy efficient devices in the electro-mechanical systems.
  • Use of rammed earth cladding; a high-grade thermal insulation that keeps the building cold in summers and hot in winters.
  • Use of active chilled beams instead of the traditional HVAC systems for efficient use of energy.
  • Special considerations on airtightness of the building.
  • In-house drinking water system with its multi-tier filtration
  • Rain water harvesting and recycling of grey & black water for irrigation purposes.

Waste recycling initiatives with an ambition of becoming a zero waste company

International architectural awards

‘345’ has made headlines in the global architectural community as it brought to Pakistan two prestigious awards: the 2A Continental Architectural Award 2018 in the ‘Commercial – Office & Business – Asia’ category held in Barcelona, and the World Architecture Community Award 2018 in the ‘Realised’ category. These 2 awards were on top of the building being shortlisted in “completed office building” category in the World Architecture Festival held in Amsterdam in 2018 where it competed with 17 other global buildings.

The Telenor Experience Gallery

Every department at Telenor Pakistan is shaping the future of our society!

We work together! Although we have many departments, we operate as one at Telenor Pakistan and share a common goal: Connecting you to what matters most. Empowering societies!

At Telenor Pakistan, the departments work together through cross functional teams to make a stronger organization. Telenor Pakistan promises exciting career opportunities in the following areas


The Commercial Division is responsible for understanding our customers’ needs, the market and the competition. Our marketers are primarily responsible for developing the Company’s go-to-market strategies, promotions and products, brand philosophy and communication.

Positions exist in many areas, including Segments, Business Intelligence, Sales & Distribution, Brands, Product Development, Value Added Services, etc.


The technology division is working on cutting edge technologies to transform Telenor Pakistan into a data driven digital company by creating solutions and turning big data into smart insights. It is responsible for designing, testing and deploying the next generation IT and wireless technologies.

Technology division promises challenging careers for software developers, cloud, network and solutions architects, DevOps engineers, cyber security engineers, customer focused team players, critical thinkers, innovators and curious engineers ready to design, build and deploy the next-gen networks that empower societies and create smarter future.

Business Division

Today, Telenor Pakistan is facing a new time of change, characterized by challenges and opportunities in B2B domain that can help us gear towards exponential growth and customer servicing that will take us one step closer to being the organization of the future.

Formation of Business Division has consolidated our potential B2B products and services under one umbrella and made them independent from consumer segment. The new business vertical is a consolidation of the entire B2B value chain – products, sales & service, business development, customer care and other support functions such as planning and performance management. It has end to end responsibility of managing business segment clients, which includes enterprises, SMEs and strategic partnerships with the government.

Human Capital

The value Telenor places on our employees knows no bounds and this division reflects our commitment to the company’s most important asset, its human resource.

Positions in Human Capital exist in areas such as Organizational Development, HR Business Partners, HR Operations and Facilities Management.


The Finance Division aims to fulfill all financial requirements while minimizing the risks involved on the financial and accounting sides to ensure Telenor remains a vibrant and healthy enterprise.

Careers in finance include areas such as Business Planning & Analysis, Risk & Assurance Management, Financial Control, etc

Corporate Affairs

These areas promise exhilarating career options for those who enjoy working on stakeholder management, long term strategy and special projects. Career opportunities are available in areas such as Sustainability, Corporate Communications, Legal Affairs, Regulatory and Public & Government Affairs.

Digital Division

The Digital division aims to be an enabler for our customers’ digital lifestyle and their evolving needs. Being a preferred partner in the digital world through our home grown digital products, mobile advertising, mobile agriculture, and digital partnerships is what it intends to be.

Career opportunities within Digital division exist in User Experience, Product Development, Agile Development, Program Management and Strategy & Transformation.