Khushaal Zamindar

Digital audio platform
providing free agriculture
& livestock advisory.

Dial 7272

Khushaal Maweshi

Reach PVMC certified veterinary
doctors for all livestock queries
through a digital helpline.

Dial 727244

Khushaal Sehat

With digital health helpline,
users can consult PMDC certified
medical doctors for health & wellness queries.

Dial 727233

Khushaal Kaashtkaar

A digital helpline for providing
expert agricultural advisory.

Dial 727235

Khushaal Zindagi

An insurance scheme that
provides access to health care
& protection from financial risk.

Dial 727234

Khushaal Energy

A collaborative initiative providing
energy efficient solutions for both
tube wells & domestic usage.

Dial 727236

Khushaal Aangan

A digital helpline designed
to fulfill farming needs of
female farmers in Pakistan.

Dial 727251