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Freedom 1500

  • Onnet:Unlimited
  • Offnet:800 Mins
  • Internet:32000 MBs
  • SMS:15,000

Rs 2000 Incl. Tax

Freedom 1000

  • Onnet:Unlimited
  • Offnet:500 Mins
  • Internet:12000 MBs
  • SMS:8000

Rs 1350 Incl. Tax

Freedom 600

  • Onnet:2,000 Mins
  • Offnet:300 Mins
  • Internet:6,000 MBs
  • SMS:2,000

Rs 800 Incl. Tax

Freedom 300

  • Onnet:1,000 Mins
  • Offnet:150 Mins
  • Internet:2,000 MBs
  • SMS:1,000

Rs 400 Incl. Tax

Smart 1500

  • Internet:1500 MB
  • Free Any Network Minutes:1800
  • SMS:1500

Rs 2017 Incl. Tax

Smart 1000

  • Free Any Network Minutes:1200
  • Internet:1000 MB
  • SMS:1000

Rs 1344 Incl. Tax

Smart 600

  • Free Any Network Minutes:700
  • Internet:600 MB
  • SMS:100

Rs 807 Incl. Tax

Smart 300

  • Free Any Network Minutes:300
  • Internet:300 MB
  • SMS:50

Rs 403 Incl. Tax

Smart 3000

  • Free Any Network Minutes:3600
  • Internet:3000 MB
  • SMS:3000

Rs 4033 Incl. Tax

Credit Review/Security Deposit

Credit Limit 0

Maximum Credit Limit (Rs. 25000)

This is the maximum amount your bill is allowed to reach. It gives you the ability to control how much you spend on your postpaid bill.

Security Deposit 0

Maximum Credit Limit (Rs. 25000)

This is the maximum amount your bill is allowed to reach. It gives you the ability to control how much you spend on your postpaid bill.


Mega Bundle (Malaysia)

ROAM LIKE HOME, which started from the EU countries and now we as Telenor are creating new bundles under affordable costs. Now use more data in the Thailand

Offer Eligibility

All Telenor Postpaid subscribers are eligible for this offer


The offer is valid for 30 days.

+Rs 999.00

International Voice Bundle

Subscribe to International Voice Bundle and get free minutes on following destinations. Landline: Australia, Cyprus, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal. Landline + Mobile: China, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Netherland, Romania, Singapore.

Offer Eligibility

All Telenor prepaid subscribers are eligible for this offer

Main Offering

Daily: 10 International Minutes Rs. 16 Dial *345*7#   Weekly: 70 International Minutes Rs. 85 Dial *345*8#   Monthly: 300 International Minutes Rs. 350 Dial *345*9#

+Rs 16.00

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Terms and Conditions

  • Helpline Charges: Rs. 2.00+tax is charged upon connection to a Customer Relations Officer
  • 20 paisa+tax charges will apply on dialing of USSDs for free resources check.
  • Resources of first month will be provided on a pro-rated basis, based on the date of number activation.
  • Your Postpaid bill is due at the generation of your bill. In order to avoid blocking of your connection, please ensure to clear your dues within 14 days of the due date.
  • Price plan can be changed once in a billing cycle
  • Free line rent resources will be refreshed at the start of every bill cycle.
  • Telenor Pakistan has the right to update and revise the prices for its offerings as and when it sees fit.
  • AJK & GB will continue to operate on zero tax
  • As per the directive of Supreme Court, all consumer taxes on telecom services have been restored and will be applicable on your postpaid bill dated 25-Apr-2019.
  • All standard tariff and bundle rates are exclusive of tax.
  • Line rent amount is inclusive of tax