Fouri SMS

Rs. 3.6 incl. tax

Telenor Fouri SMS service is a utility service targeting users to immediately send SMS to their friends, family and other people once they miss to attend their call (either Busy or Not Answer), and helps you connect with them instantly.

This service engages a huge number of users who will now be connected to their desired numbers in a single go and without a hassle of trying on a number again and again which might not be available.

Fouri SMS platform attempts to connect instantly Party A and the Party B (busy party). The service will be activated on subscription model for Party A (Dialing Party), as a value addition for all ONNET subscribers.

This particular service has been designed and developed keeping the user experience in mind whereby “Fouri SMS” can be enabled and disabled by the end user themselves by sending relevant keyword to 7879.

Following are the product price points and mechanics:

Short Code

Subscription Type Price



Subscription (Weekly) Rs.3.6 incl. of Tax

Send SUB to 7879


Un-subscription/Deactivation 0

Send UNSUB to 7879


Renewal (Weekly) Rs.3.6 incl. of Tax/Week

Recursive (Weekly)

This product will be available for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

  • Send ‘REG’ to 3627 in order to block all the service promotional messages.
  • Fouri SMS is a weekly offer in which the customer is charged 3.6 incl. of Tax on a weekly basis.
  • There are no charges for dialing 7879 after subscribing to the service.
  • Dial 7879 to enter the IVR menu and subscribe by following the instructions on the screen.
  • Send ‘UNSUB’ to 7879 to unsubscribe from “Fouri SMS”.

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