Telenor aims to go MORE Se Zyada Green and Digital.

Moving towards digitalization.

Scratch cards have increased associated costs; Alternative to scratch cards, Telenor provides a wide range of digital channels to avail recharge which include MyTelenor App, ATMs, mobile wallets, e-commerce partners and so on. These digital channels make it easier for the customer to avail recharge.

Becoming environment-friendly and reducing overall costs.

Scratch cards are non-digital means of availing recharge. The production of these physical cards involves using resources like paper and plastic.

There are additional costs associated with producing and delivering scratch cards to the end consumer. The distribution of these cards to the end user involves further resource wastage.

Also, potential scratch cards theft cases increase overall costs

Less reliance on imports and usage of foreign reserves.

Our initiatives will help reduce import of these scratch cards, reducing operational complexity and lowering down outflow of foreign reserves from the country.

Our initiative enables us to be MORE Se Zyada eco-friendly by reducing pollution, resource wastage and overall cost to consumers.

Dear Customers, please take notice that, effective 30th of June 2022, only those customers who opt for obtaining physical scratch card will have to bear the cost of Rs 5 per scratch card and same will be adjusted from their balance. However, if customer(s) recharge through other digital means (easyload from retailer, MyTelenor App, mobile wallets etc), no such cost will apply to customer(s).