Missed Call Alerts

Don’t miss a call even when your phone is out of reach or switched off.

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  • Get Missed Call Alerts when you're busy, out of coverage, or your cell is switch off.

  • Alert My Caller: An SMS notification will be sent to the caller when you become available.

  • Weekly subscription only available for prepaid subscribers.

Product Price
Rs. 3.99+ Tax



You will never miss a call with Telenor Missed Call Alerts. If your phone is switched off, busy or out of network coverage, SMS notifications will make sure you are aware as soon as your phone is on. This Digital Service is for the convenience of customers who do not have a mailbox subscription. MCA provides information about the caller's mobile number, date & time, and frequency of calls. In addition, you can use the Alert My Caller service which sends an SMS notification to the caller when you become available.


Subscription Type
Rs. 3.99 + Tax
60 Days
Rs. 30.00 + Tax
Send 'mca' to 345
Send 'dmca' to 345
Alert My Caller (One Time Charge)
Rs. 15.00 + Tax
Send ‘AMC’ to 345
Send ‘DAMC’ to 345



Is this service available to Postpaid customers?

The weekly service is only available to prepaid customers. Postpaid customers can avail to 60 days service.


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