Telenor 30

Rs. 1.46

With Telenor 30 Package, enjoy the freedom of making calls from Telenor to Telenor, other networks and PTCL numbers.

Onnet Rs. 1.46 + tax
Offnet Rs. 1.46 + tax
Internet Rs. 2.00/512kb + tax
SMS Rs. 1.80 + tax

Telenor brings you freedom to make calls to any network.

With Telenor telenor 30 Package – Talk freely  Telenor to Telenor, Telenor to other networks and Telenor to PTCL numbers.


Telenor to ALL Networks & PTCL Rs. 1.46 + tax


Outgoing Rs. 1.80 + tax
Outgoing International Rs. 5.97 + tax
Video Calls Rs. 2.4 / 5 Mins + tax


Internet/WAP Usage (Upload/Download per MB) 2G/3G/4G: Rs. 2.00/512kb + tax

Free Services

•       Call Waiting

•       Conference Calling (subscription)


30 Sec Pulse

Terms & Conditions

  • All prices specified above are exclusive of taxes (unless specified otherwise) and are liable to the prevailing regional tax rules and laws.
  • Shared calling rates are per 30 sec
  • All charges are up to 2 decimal places
  • Withholding Tax of 15% will be charged nationwide, except in GB, when applicable
  • FED charges are 0% in GB and 19.5% in rest of Pakistan
  • Price plan mechanics and rates are subject to change at any time.
  • Price is tax inclusive for AJK and GB and will be 2.14% higher
  • Call setup charges of 12.5 paisa + tax paisa will be charged on every call. These rates are 12.5 paisa in GB.
  • Balance validity is limited, based on recharge.