Auxo Genset Monitoring Solution
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AUXO Genset monitoring solution helps to make generators more efficient and durable. The solution provides performance statistics like Voltage, operational time, fuel level, power statistics etc. The solution helps to plan timely refueling, maintenance, timely determine and prevents fuel thefts and generator breakdown

Fuel Monitoring

Real time tracking of fuel level and usage along with consumption analysis, usage history, refueling notifications and theft alerts

Power Monitoring

Includes instantaneous 3-phase power load monitoring, isolation of generator and grid load along with consumption analysis, usage alerts and maintenance of usage history


Live Monitoring on Dashboard; Centralized Dashboard for Multiple Gensets & Real time notifications of total gensets running, gensets on main power, tank capacity etc


Includes consumption report, fuel activity report, alerts report, fuel history report etc

AUXO Genset Monitoring Solution

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Auxo Genset Monitoring Solution
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Refueling Alerts

Helps monitor and enable timely refueling, which makes gensets more energy efficient and cost effective

Live Monitoring of Gensets

Allows real time monitoring of genset refueling, tank capacity, live status, last refuel/ consumption date and time


Provides detailed reports on consumption, fuel activity, generated alarms date and time, fuel history etc

Prevention of fuel theft

Live theft alerts are generated which help identify and prevent thefts

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The AUXO Genset monitoring solution enhances generator efficiency and durability by offering comprehensive performance data such as voltage, operational hours, fuel levels, power statistics, and more. This solution facilitates proactive planning for refueling and maintenance, assists in timely issue detection, and acts as a preventive measure against fuel theft and generator breakdowns

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The component of the solution consists of the hardware part that includes a fuel dipstick and a telemetry device, and the webportal which will show all the data, statistics, and reports to user.

The price of the solution depends upon the size and capacity of the Genset, the dimensions of the fuel tank (external or/and internal tank). For getting further information call 0341-1100345 and talk to our sales representative now.

No, Telenor only provides the Genset Monitoring solution that is installed in your existing solution and gives you all fuel related statistics and reports.

No, Telenor will provide their partnered services for installation of the solution at customer location after survey.


Terms & Conditions – AUXO


1.      The customer will be charged as per yearly/monthly billing cycle.

You shall not have the coverage or benefits under this warranty in the event that any of the following conditions are applicable:

          i.     The product has been subjected to abnormal use or conditions, improper storage, exposure to excessive moisture or dampness, exposure to excessive temperature, unauthorized modification, unauthorized repair (including but not limited to use of unauthorized spare parts repair), abuse, accidents, Acts of God, spills of food or liquids, improper installation.

        ii.     The product serial no. code or the accessories date code has been removed, defaced or altered.

      iii.     The product is used with or connected to an accessory (a) Not supplied by Telenor or its affiliates, (b) Not fit for use with the product or (c) Used otherwise than in manner intended.

       iv.     The seal of the product enclosure have been broken or shown evidence of tempering or the product has been used in a manner other than that for which it has been specified use by Telenor.

        v.     All plastic surfaces and all the other externally exposed part that is scratched or damaged due to normal use.

2.      Telenor shall have no liability of whatsoever nature, in case the device is misused (including but not limited to use of device in illegal, breach of privacy, immoral or unethical activities) by the customer, the user or any third party due to any reason whatsoever; and the customer shall be personally liable for such misuse. In any of such cases, Telenor will also have a right to immediately terminate this Contract and if it deems appropriate it may also initiate legal proceedings against the customer.

3.      This Contract shall commence on the date of approval by Telenor after signing of the form overleaf by the customer and, subject to the provisions of this Contract. The Contract shall continue thereafter until terminated by either party by giving not less than one weeks’ notice in writing to the other party.

4.      Rights, duties, benefits, obligations, or liabilities of the customer under this Contract shall not be assigned, transferred or sub-contracted in any manner whatsoever without written approval by Telenor and implementation of Telenor’s procedure for such transfer. Telenor may at any time assign it rights, duties, benefits, obligations and/or liabilities under this Contract to any third party in accordance with the law at the time being in force.

5.      Telenor may from time to time and with required notice suspend the System/Service.

6.      Telenor may without prejudice to any other accrued rights, after giving prior written notice to the customer, terminate this Contract with immediate effect if:

          i.     The customer breaches any term of this Contract, or any term of any other Contract between Telenor and the customer including but not limited to failure or delay in payment of any amount or charges due to Telenor, or fails to remedy within a reasonable time any breach which is capable of being remedied.

        ii.     Telenor in its reasonable opinion believes that the Customer cannot pay amounts due to it.

      iii.     If the customer is sending abusive, offensive, indecent, obscene, obnoxious, spam or menacing communications.

7.      The customer agrees that Telenor Pakistan will not be responsible for any electrical or physical fault/ damage occur due to installation of a product unit. In case any such damage or fault, the customer fully and completely indemnifies Telenor from any liability of any nature whatsoever.

8.      The customer acknowledges and agrees that Telenor Pakistan provides all data on best effort and calculation basis. The customer agrees that such data will not be taken as authentic for any commercial or other purpose. The customer agrees to fully and completely indemnify Telenor from any and all liability of any nature whatsoever in relation to the data provided by Telenor.

9.      In the event or circumstances which is beyond the control of Telenor, including without limitations to acts of God, insurrection of civil disorder, war or military operations, national or local emergency, acts or omissions of government or of any competent authority, industrial dispute of any kind, fire, lightening, explosion, flood, weather of exception severity, acts or omissions of person for whom Telenor is not responsible, including Jammers and other frequency interference by third party, strikes, lockouts, and interruption of services for maintenance of the system which includes physical features and atmospheric conditions, Telenor shall not be accountable for that period to customer with respect to any Service as per these terms and conditions.  

10.   It is mandatory for the AUXO Genset Customer to provide the customer National Tax Number (NTN) certificate at the time of buying.

11.   The customer shall be fully responsible for any liability that arises on account of the loss of the device and shall hold Telenor harmless and indemnified in this regard. Telenor retains the discretion to discontinue/suspend/disconnect/block product related service in case of theft or loss of product by the customer. Telenor shall also block the stolen device's respective IMEI’s immediately. The customer shall not be absolved from criminal liability, if any arising due to use of the device in any unlawful criminal activity.

12.   Privacy Policy: At all times your information will be treated in accordance with Telenor Pakistan’s Privacy Policy, which can be viewed at

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