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Value prepaid is an All-in-One solution that addresses the business communication needs in the form of a free Close User Group (CUG) minutes, personal communication needs through Friends and Family (F&F) feature and last but not the least, subscription to Mobile broadband (MBB) internet bundles without the need for separate data SIM and internet devices.

Free Close User Group

Free Close User Group(CUG) minutes every month

Friends & Family

Friends and family (FNF) feature for three on-net numbers

Mobile Broadband Subscription

Subscription to Mobile broadband (MBB) internet bundles

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Value 350

Price: Rs. 350/-


First Time Activation is done on Rs. 350/- with Rs. 300/- as activation charges and remaining Rs.50/- posted as a Balance

value prepaid
Value Prepaid

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value prepaid
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Convenience of a prepaid price plan while getting the benefits of postpaid business plan

Offers Close User Group (CUG) minutes for business communication needs and Friends & Family (FnF) feature to stay connected with friends and family for personal communication needs.

Free Close User Group (CUG) minutes are offered without any hidden charges or any requirement of minimum recharge or balance in the mobile number account.

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The customer can dial the following strings to check the balance at Rs.0.20+tax per attempt. *444# for mobile balance information (in prepaid) and billing information (in postpaid) *111# for remaining SMS *222# for remaining voice minutes *999# for remaining internet MBs *123# for remaining balance of all free resources

The unused CUG minutes do not carry forward. The customer will get 325 minutes at the start of the month and any remaining minutes from the previous month will be discarded.

No, data capping functionality is available only for Postpaid users.

PCRF data bundles provide the feature to restrict the data usage after the bundle resources are consumed. In a Non-PCRF bundle however, the data will continue to be used and will be charged as per the data rate i.e. Rs.4/MB.

  • Free line rent resources will be refreshed at the start of every billing cycle.
  • Team Talk calls refer to close user group calls.
  • Off Net Dialing refers to dialing on networks other than Telenor as well dialing on PTCL landline.
  • All calls will be disconnected automatically after 59 minutes.
  • Free minutes resources (price plans and bundles) will be calculated on per minute basis.
  • All prices specified above are exclusive of taxes (unless specified otherwise) and are liable to the prevailing tax rule and laws.
  • On Net Dialing refers to dialing on Telenor numbers only.
  • Telenor Pakistan has the right to update and revise the prices for its offerings as and when it sees fit.

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